125: Successes, Struggles, and Lessons Learned on Tour with Scott Stallings

Today we have an extra special treat for you. Our guest today is none other than Scott Stallings, three-time PGA tour winner.

Scott first started playing golf when he was young, and at the age of 12 he gave up all other sports to focus on golf. He was inspired by Tiger Woods to ultimately take up the sport professionally.

After missing his PGA Tour card by a single stroke at Q-School in 2009, Scott persisted through Q-School in 2010 and earned his PGA card by finishing T-11.  He eventually went on to win the Greenbrier Classic – his first PGA Tour victory. Since then he has won two more PGA events, The True South Classic 2012, and the Farmers Insurance Open in 2014.

Along with his successes on the PGA Tour, Scott has also had a few struggles along the way, including a banned substance suspension in 2015 amidst a health battle that has since changed his perspective on his fitness, nutrition, and his overall lifestyle on and off the course.

Scott Stallings’ Background

  • Scott was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. He attended Oak Ridge High School in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and was an all-state golfer and a four-year member of the Dean’s List.
  • Scott quit all sports at age 12 except golf after going to the 1997 Masters and watching Tiger Woods dominate the field.
  • Spent his rookie season in 2011 blogging for BNET, the CBS Interactive Business Network.
  • Scott won the Greenbrier Classic in July 2011 for his first PGA Tour victory.
  • His biggest thrill in golf was teaching the sport to wounded veterans in the Army
  • Won the True South Classic in 2012
  • Won the Farmer’s Insurance Open in 2014
  • Suffered a 3-month suspension from the PGA tour for a banned substance charge (which was for a $10 over the counter supplement that he took per Dr. recommendations and once he was made aware of the situation, turned himself in to the PGA Tour).

Highlights from this Episode

  • Scott StallingsScott’s life growing up in Massachusetts, and how he ended up playing golf. Scott was heavily influenced by Tiger Woods, and Scott was inspired by him to take up golf professionally.
  • How Scott deals with missing crucial shots, and how he finds the strength to keep going and not get phased. Scott places his faith in God, and has a great network of family and friends to support him through the tough times.
  • Scott tells the story of how he took a supplement to help with a health issue he was facing. Scott was given a routine drug test, and passed. He therefore didn’t give it much thought after, until one day he realized the supplement was potentially on the banned substances list. He turned himself into the drug testing authorities, but regardless, was given a three-month suspension. Despite the bad situation, Scott was able to use the time off to focus on his health and other things that had fallen by the wayside.
  • The health issues Scott was facing, turned out to be quite serious. This lead him to put much for focus and energy into staying fit and healthy while working on his game.
  • We talk about the specific changes that Scott has made to his health and lifestyle. Scott used to have terrible back pain which effected his game, but after working on it, he has not had any trouble with it whatsoever.
  • Scott’s weekly routine, including playing schedule and workouts. He now has a huge focus on mobility, and doesn’t do any ‘golf specific’ workouts. We talk about how Scott knows what he needs to spend most of his time on from week to week.

How would you describe yourself out on the course?

Pretty laid back. I try not to get too high or low, but I like when I hit a good shot!

Caddy Shack or Happy Gilmore?

Caddy Shack

Which PGA Tour player would you want to caddy for you?

Steve Stricker

Who would you like to spend a day on the course with?

Tom Brady

What would you consider a very successful season for 2017?

Making it to Atlanta (PGA Tour Championship)

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