Simple Simple Simple

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m at the gym.  Got my computer open and thinking about something interesting that happened yesterday. 

Lemme back up for a second. 

When one of our Crew joins the 18STRONG Membership App, we love to send a personal video note from either Ryan or myself (usually Ryan as I’m sure you get tired of constantly looking at my smiling face:) 

There are a few software companies that make it easy to record a personal message, then share it in an email, so yesterday, we were shopping around the most popular.   

Good lord, were their pricing structures difficult to understand. 

If you have this many users, it costs this.  If you pay monthly, the price is this.  If you pay annually, the price is this.  If you choose the “pro” package, you get these features.  If not, then you can only create X number of videos. 

I had to create my own matrix on my yellow legal pad to figure it out.  

Can you guess which company we chose?  Ding, ding ding!  Yes, the simplest and easiest to understand.  

Breaking news: we all want things simple. 

Look, if you get nothing else out of these emails, then I hope it’s this: 

The more we lean on simplicity in our golf and fitness… 

…the better our chances for long-term success. 

We’re much more likely to stick with a strategy that we can easily follow.  Once we see ourselves playing better and feeling better, that success breeds more success. 

Most importantly, it builds a happier YOU. 

And after all, isn’t that kinda the point?  To live a happy and fulfilled life? 

Say goodbye to complexity, shiny objects that don’t make sense, and the unnecessary. 

Take a step back, and feel that weight off your shoulders. 

Feels good, doesn’t it? 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – The programs in the 18STRONG Membership App may be specific to golfers which sounds inherently complicated, but believe you me, we work hard to infuse “simplicity at it’s finest” in all the training programs.  

Give it a shot for the next seven days (for free).  I think you’ll appreciate how easy it is to stay on track. 

Here’s the link: