138: Fulfilling the Golfer’s Need for Speed with SuperSpeed Golf

Today I am very excited to announce our guests, Kyle and Mike from SuperSpeed Golf. We first had them on the show for episode 64 to talk about the benefits of “overspeed training,” and to this day that is still the #1 downloaded episode on the 18Strong Podcast!

For those who don’t know, SuperSpeed Golf is a golf training system aimed at improving the speed and efficiency of a player’s swing. The method is scientifically proven and tested and is one of the most widely used training methods for golfers across all skill levels.

SuperSpeed works with many of the best players in the world and amateurs of all skill levels. They offer many services including comprehensive on-going coaching, personalized game assessment and program development, distance learning, corporate experiences, and many more customizable programs. They have also appeared for speaking opportunities at many conferences, seminars, and events.

This is a super valuable episode with a lot of actionable takeaways. Make sure you stick around until the end, as the guys have some cool gifts for you guys.

Michael Napoleon’s Background

  • Inspired by the belief that all golfers can achieve more enjoyment from the game by enhancing their performance, Michael is in constant search for the newest and best ways to help golfers improve.
  • SuperSpeed Golf has come into existence out of many years of coaching expertise and looking for simple ways to help golfers increase power in the golf swing.
  • Michael continues to coach in the Chicago area and across the US with his team at Catalyst Golf Performance.

Kyle Shay’s Background

  • Kyle grew up playing golf since a very early age. Inspired by his father’s passion for the game, he would tag along to the shag range to hit balls with him.
  • This passion developed into playing competitive golf through college and then into a career of fitness and rehab coaching with an emphasis on golf-specific conditioning.
  • Kyle currently runs the Catalyst Golf Performance Health and Fitness division along with running his own health coaching business.
  • You will find Kyle all over the country running SuperSpeed demos, working with his professional players and answering the SuperSpeed calls and emails.

Highlights from this Episode

  • We go through what the SuperSpeed system looks like, and what are the steps and tools required to implement. We also talk about some of the science behind the SSG system, and how the guys came to put everything together.
  • Some of the biggest concerns and struggles that golfer’s experience as they get older. A lot of them tend to lose club head speed, and the SSG system is able to get some of that back, almost immediately. The guys also lay out a framework to ensure players don’t injure themselves when using their system.
  • What it is about the SuperSpeed system that allows for such fast results in improving their club head speed. We talk about the actual physiological events in the body that are changed by implementing the system.
  • We talk about a few alternative methods and tools people can use to improve clubhead speed if they don’t use the SuperSpeed system.
  • How to implement the system as part of your training schedule. When to implement, how often etc. We also talk about how to think about fatigue and rest when using the system.
  • A promotion that SuperSpeed has for the 18Strong listeners – stick around to the end to get the details!

What would be your “walk-up song” to the tee? 

Kyle: Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

Mike: Heavy Metal of some kind

Where to find SuperSpeed Golf:

Website: https://superspeedgolf.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/superspeedgolf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/superspeedgolf/

Instagram: @SuperSpeedGolf



There are 2 ways to enter into the contest (see below for prizes):

1.) If you already have the SuperSpeed Training System . . .

  • Post an image to your Instagram and let us know how much speed you have gained using the system. Be sure to use #SuperSpeedGolf and tag @18strong_ in order to be entered into the drawing.

2.) If you don’t already have the SSG system . . .

  • Purchase one of the SuperSpeed Golf systems using the coupon code: “18strong”

All entrants will be entered into a random drawing which will end on May 14th when the final putt drops at the Player’s Championship!

Winners will receive:

  • Your choice of 1 of the 3 SuperSpeed training systems or a swing speed radar
  • Some 18STRONG Swag
  • a personal consultation on your next 3 months of training with the SuperSpeed System!

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