112: Blood Testing: Measure, Don’t Guess with Dr. Steven Murphy

I am very excited to announce our guest today, Dr. Steven Murphy. Dr. Murphy is the Medical Director of the Greenwich DX Sports Labs as well as Managing Partner and President of the Diagnostic & Medical Specialists of Greenwich.  He is an avid researcher in human genetics and is well versed in anti-aging medicine, obesity, metabolism, and hormone optimization.

At Greenwich DX Sports Labs, Dr. Murphy’s partners include 2 of our previous featured guests, Ali Gilbert and Michael Manavian.  This dynamic has created a unique line of communication between all aspects of fitness, biomechanics, golf instruction and medical treatment, that is rarely seen at any level.  It is precisely this combination that creates the success they have seen in optimizing results for their clients/athletes.

Historically, standard medical tests have provided minimal answers for patients.  For athletes, and those looking to increase their longevity, the need for more thorough and precise data is imperative. Dr. Steven Murphy and his team provide their clients with extensive data that comes from advanced DNA and hormonal tests. These tests will empower you to monitor your performance and take the appropriate care for your longevity.

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Dr. Steven Murphy’s Background

  • Murphy is a Yale trained, Board Certified Internist and bariatrician as well as an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Medicine, Cell Biology & Anatomy at the New York Medical College.
  • He sits on the research informed cohort oversight board of Cornell’s Personalized Medicine Collaborative and Pharmacogenomics Advisory Group.
  • Murphy completed his internship in Medical Genetics and Pediatrics at The Mount Sinai Hospital.
  • He served as the Chief Resident in Internal Medicine at Greenwich Hospital/Yale School of Medicine.
  • Murphy has also served as the Clinical Fellow in Medical Genetics at Yale School of Medicine, leaving early to start his Personalized Primary Care and Weight Loss medicine practices.

Highlights from this Episode

  • How Dr. Murphy and his team came to the realization that many standard medical tests lack a lot of insight into an athlete’s well-being and performance capabilities.
  • The tests that Dr. Murphy recommends people and athlete’s take when they go to their doctor, outside of the standard tests. Tests to do with hormonal levels, vitamin-D levels, and micro nutrients to name a few.
  • The importance of cholesterol, and how the data is often misread.
  • My test results – where I’m looking good, and where I could improve.
  • A detailed explanation of insulin resistance, and why it is so important for cardio vascular health.
  • Why testosterone is such an important part of good health, and ways to increase your testosterone levels.
  • Walnuts, chia seeds, and other foods you should be eating on a regular basis. Just four walnuts a day can make a significant difference to your health, improve your body shape, and increase sperm levels.
  • Vitamin D and its effect on a wide range of bodily functions and hormones, and how to select the proper supplementation.
  • The biggest misconceptions in health, and the most important tests you can take to measure your health in general.
  • 5 tests you should have your doc do

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Where to find Dr. Steven Murphy:

Website: http://greenwichdxsportslabs.com/

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Want to get your Blood Tested By GDXSL?

We are super excited to let you know that we have partnered up with the team at Greenwich Diagnostics Sports Lab to bring their amazing testing capabilities to you, the listeners of The 18STRON Podcast!

In order to find out more, simply head over to their inquiry page and send a note to Michael.   Be sure to tell him you heard about them on the 18STRONG Podcast and they’ll take extra special care of you 😉

You can contact them by clicking this link: Greenwich Diagnostics Sports Lab

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