189: Everything You Want to Know About Superspeed Golf | Mike Napoleon & Kyle Shay

If you’ve been a long time listener of 18Strong, you’ve most likely heard me talk about SuperSpeed Golf and the amazing results both professional and amateur players are seeing in their clubhead speed, distance, and overall mechanics after using the SSG system.

The concept of “overspeed training” is unlike your traditional power or strength training, but it also doesn’t fall into the category of golf skills training. Today you’ll see why the SuperSpeed Golf system is in a completely different category, which is exactly why it is creating results at both the amateur and elite levels.

In today’s episode founders, Kyle Shay and Mike Napoleon, join us to answer some of the questions we’ve received recently about the system and to share what’s next for SuperSpeed Golf.

SuperSpeed Golf’s Background

  • SuperSpeed Golf works with many of the best players in the world and amateurs of all skill levels. They offer many services including comprehensive on-going coaching services, personalized game assessment and program development, distance learning, corporate experiences, and many more customizable programs.
  • Michael Napoleon, President, and Founder of SuperSpeed Golf, is inspired by the belief that all golfers can achieve more enjoyment from the game by enhancing their performance.
  • Michael is in constant search for the newest and best ways to help golfers improve. Michael continues to coach in the Chicago area and across the US with his team at Catalyst Golf Performance and is PGA and TPI Certified.
  • Kyle Shay, C.E.O., and Founder of SuperSpeed Golf, grew up playing golf since a very early age. Inspired by his father’s passion for the game, he would tag along to the shag range to hit balls with him. This passion developed into playing competitive golf through college and then into a career of fitness and rehab coaching with an emphasis on golf-specific conditioning.
  • Kyle currently runs the Catalyst Golf Performance Health and Fitness division along with running his own health coaching business and is CHEK IV and TPI Certified.
  • The Superspeed Program focus’ on:
    • Power specific swing mechanics
    • Driver impact conditions and ball flight with the TrackMan Launch Monitor System
    • 3D Biomechanics and energy transfer
    • Optimizing the fit of your driver
    • Orthopedic joint mobility screening
    • Stability, balance, coordination, and movement patterns
    • Strength and Power assessment

Highlights from this Episode 

  • They kick off the episode talking about how most players, elite or otherwise, don’t spend time on speed training in terms of the golf swing, which is part of the reason so many golfers get a benefit from the SuperSpeed Golf system and we see over 100 PGA professionals utilizing the product.
  • What their testing process for perfecting the SuperSpeed system looks like, how they track everything from swing speed before and after using the different weighted clubs and the 3D biometrics of the kinematics of the swing and compile all of this data to show improvement.
  • They address common questions they get from users of the SuperSpeed system and how more doesn’t always mean faster when it comes to improvement. Unlike Strength or Mobility workouts, Speed training is taxing on your mind and using the clubs every day can lead to neural fatigue that can only hurt your training.
  • Using the SuperSpeed Clubs as a Power Tool vs. a Conditioning tool and how to see your results as quickly as possible without running into that neural fatigue. Being a more rotational power sport, Golf is a cross-breed of power and mobility and the SuperSpeed Clubs mean to both bring out your strengths, as well as the weaknesses you have to work towards.
  • Mike answers some of the questions the 18Strong community had on Kneeling swings (why we do them, are they safe for the back, and what stance is best) and non-dominant swing training. They also talk about if there is plateauing in SuperSpeed training: What that looks like, the different “tiers” they see in improvement, and what the timeline looks like.
  • What the future holds for SuperSpeed Golf as far as new programs, online training, and some reworking of their initial introduction training details.

Parting Questions

What’s your Walk-up Song?
Mike: Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
Kyle: Beverly Hills by Weezer

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