The More Outta Shape You Are, The Better

Here’s a quick, Tuesday pick-me-up for you to enjoy whilst we get in the swing of the week. 

Here’s a question one of our Crew sent to me: 

Jeff, I’ve heard you talk about this in the past, but why does getting in shape work better for golf the more out of shape you are? 

Aaaahhh, one of the greatest selling points if you’re trying to convince yourself it’s time to get into shape. 

Real quick, I can explain it in three words: Potential For Improvement

And I saw a great example of it on Saturday. 

So, the past weekend, my 13-yr-old son and I traveled to Kansas City for his mountain biking team.  

I got to talking to a few dads who have forgotten more about the sport than I’ll ever know.  

Sure, I have a mountain bike and enjoy it, but these dudes are hard core. 

And when we got talking about the equipment, my eyes shot open. 

My son’s bike has 26-inch wheels, while the other kids’ bikes had 29-inch wheels.  If you’re doing the math, that means the other kids travel about 10% farther every rotation. 

That was the first thing.  Next, we started talking about the weight of the bikes.   

Some of the other kids’ bikes were 10-20% lighter, so they had to work that much less to get moving. 

There were some other little things, but if you add just those two factors, my son Sam’s potential for improvement is around 20% JUST by upgrading his equipment. 

On an even more ridiculous scale, some of these guys had bikes that were north of $30k.  The lightest, most-engineered bikes the world has ever seen.   

So, their potential for improvement is tiny.  They’ve already maxed out. 

Think about a golfer like Rory…he’s in phenomenal shape, his mobility is off the charts, his power is world-class, and his body moves like he asks it to move.  His potential for improvement is also tiny because he’s so dialed in. 

Now think about a golfer who is in terrible shape and moves like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz. 

His potential for improvement is huge.  He may improve by 20% just by simply moving everyday. 

Then he gets stronger, which improves his mobility, power, distance, and keeps him injury-free.  He’s going to be a different golfer in a short period of time. 

And that’s the answer to the question: why does getting in shape work better for golf the more out of shape you are? 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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