[What?Why?How?] This Land Is Your Land, This Landmine

Usually pushed to the back corner of most gyms and unidentifiable, the landmine may be the best piece of equipment in the gym you’ve never heard of.

The chip clip of gym equipment

Everyone on the planet has said to themselves, “That is so simple. I wish I would have thought of that.” Well, if you’re unfamiliar with the landmine, you’re about to say it again.

The landmine is really nothing more than a simple tube with an equally simple rotating base.


…this seemingly useless piece of scrap metal magically transforms an ordinary bar and plate(s) into a new and extremely effective workout tool – especially for golfers.

For once, imbalanced is a good thing

A huge benefit of the landmine is that it takes normal moves like a squat or overhead press and gives them an unfamiliar feel because of the weight imbalance.

The barbell moves in both the vertical and horizontal planes, so in addition to the specific muscles you may be working on like shoulders, your body is forced to really activate all the stabilization muscles – just like a golf swing.

The 4 advantages for golfers

  1. Fatter grip – Having to hold on to the fatter grip will increase your grip strength and help prevent elbow injuries.
  2. Easier to add heavier weights – There is no faster way to gain strength than to lift heavy things. The landmine allows you to lift heavier weights without sacrificing form or safety.
  3. Rotation – Can golfers ever get enough rotational strength and control? No.
  4. Abnormal angles – Whether you’re doing a curl or squat, continuing with the same workout and exercises will eventually slow down or plateau your progress, so it’s important to keep variety in your workouts with new exercises or new angles of familiar exercises.

It is always a blessing and curse that our bodies are so dang adaptive.

Disclaimer: Your brain, ego, testosterone, etc. is going to be telling that little voice inside your head to load up the bar with heavy weights because, well, that’s just who we are.

If it’s your first time using a landmine, please error on the side of lighter weight because it is deceptively difficult to keep the bar straight.