Unlocking your “elastic” sweet spot

“Oooh, that’s creepy.”

The first time I ever saw a 3D ultrasound of a baby’s face inside the mother.

Every ultrasound up until that point was a flat picture of the profile of what kinda looked like a human being.

BUT, that same “creepy” technology has uncovered a new training technique that has changed the game for golfers – all athletes, really.

For the bulk of my career, we trained mobility the same way…

Strengthen the muscles around our “golf areas”.

And the results were awesome – still are.

BUT, then an interesting thing happened in the medical world…

Ultrasound technology got more and more sophisticated.

And we were finally able to clearly see our fascial (fa-shole, short “a” sound like “apple”) system.

Our fascia is kinda like a big, elastic spider web inside our bodies that connects and holds our bodies together.

So, thanks to advances in ultrasounds, we discovered that not only does our fascia behave like an elastic rubber band – very stretchy…

…We can actually train the system to be MORE mobile!

Instead of tight, brittle, and dry-rotted, we can reclaim our youthful, resilient, and stretchy “rubber band.”
Exactly what we need to consistently feel the shots we want.

And we do that through specific movements like pelvic rotations for our trunks, ankle circles for our ankles, shoulder circles for our shoulders, and you guessed it, hip rotations for our hips.

Which is why we created the 14-Day Hyper-Elastic Mobility training.

To laser target those elastic areas on our bodies with each movement.

In other words, we’re training the “rubber bands” around our “golf areas” so that we increase our mobility and range of motion.

Imagine how much smoother your swing will be once you can effortlessly go from backswing to impact to follow-thru WITHOUT feeling tight and creaky.

AND how much more consistently you’ll strike the ball…

It’s pretty darn free-ing.

You can click here to find out more.

Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – Easily a decade ago, I went through a training program called J-Core. It was nothing but 20 minute workouts.

And I’ll never forget the instructor saying, “It’s only 20 minutes. You can do anything for 20 minutes.”

Obviously, we can’t do anything for 20 minutes, but we can certainly spend 20 minutes on our mobility.

And it’s only two weeks!

You can join us in the 14-Day Hyper-Elastic Mobility here.