What unique combination makes you great?

Yesterday was a long travel day to get there, but you tell me if it was worth it…
We’re driving down to Big Sur today, so I’m sure my emails are going to get more spiritual than usual. So, lemme ask you a question… What are you world-class at doing? When I ask the question – it’s usually met with silence or confusion. The point is to stretch your thinking. Even if you don’t think you’re “world-class” at anything… When you give yourself space to answer this question – your mind will build a powerful narrative. That narrative is based on the unique combination of your: – Skills – Experience ​If you take a few minutes to really think about it (hopefully, write down your answers) – you’ll start to see what makes you unique. Which will help you sharpen your game. And boost your confidence. For example, my cousin and our co-founder Ryan is fantastic with an 8-iron. Yet, I too often see him pull out his 56 and consistently leave the ball short. Me: “Dude, you’re world-class with the 8-iron, why are you hellbent on always hitting your 56 from inside 100?” Ryan: “I have no idea. I guess that’s just what I think you’re supposed to do.” Me: “Think about what your strengths are. And do more of that.” Ryan: “Jeff, you’re clearly the smartest golf mind in the world. And I’ll listen to every word you say until the end of time.” Yeah, I made up the last part. BUT, when he shifted, he shaved countless strokes almost immediately just by sticking to what he is “world-class” at doing. And it doesn’t matter if we’re talking golf, fitness, or your career…there is some unique combination you have acquired over the years that makes you world-class at something. Today, go find it. Use it. And tell me about it. After you tell me about it, I will pontificate upon it whilst enjoying a delicious IPA. 
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