WHAT? WHY? HOW? The 3 Grip Positions For Workouts

Trying to talk to golfers about grip position may as well be a “Who’s On First”, Abbott and Costello routine because there is immediately confusion.

Typically, when we talk about grip position, we’re talking about how you hold the club in your hands. However, today we’re going to talk about your grip at the gym during your workouts.

This kind of grip…

Not this kind of grip…

Your hands, wrists and forearms are vital components to a successful golf swing, so we shot this video specifically to show you how you can take advantage of the 3 grip positions to improve your swing.

In the video below, Jeff demonstrates:

  1. The 3 grip positions (pronated, supinated and hammer/parallel)
  2. When to use each grip
  3. Why to use each grip

In addition, he’ll show some exercises you can use for your next workout.

Click the video below to find out more…