83: The Green Jacket Edition with Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson has a Green Jacket.  Zach Johnson has the Claret Jug. And this week, he gets to introduce the two!

In 2007 Zach Johnson shocked the golf world with his masterful short game to win the coveted Green Jacket.  In this special Masters episode, Zach walks us through some of the stories from not only his winning weekend at Augusta National, but also from the very first time he played in the Masters, which did not quite go as well!

We also have the opportunity to chat about quite a few other things like Sea Island, Georgia, the St. Louis Cardinals, and of course his amazing win at the Open Championship at St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf!

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Zach Johnson’s Background

  • Zach JohnsonGrew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Played College golf at Drake University
  • Turned Pro in 1998, playing on the developmental tours
  • Won 3 straight Hooters Tour events in 2001
  • Topped the money list on the Nationwide Tour in 2003
  • Won his 1st PGA Tour event in 2004 at the Bellsouth Classic
  • Qualified and played for the Ryder Cup in 2006
  • Won the Masters in 2007
  • Won the Open Championship in 2015
  • Zach has 12 PGA wins
  • Resides in Sea Island, Georgia

Highlights from this Episode

  • Zach chats a little about his love of baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals (not the Cubs).
  • He talks about Sea Island, Georgia, where he lives and what an incredible place it is.  Not only is it great for the golf and accommodations for the tour pros, but it’s he loves it for it’s community.
  • Zach takes us back to his first Masters in 2004, what it felt like, what it meant and how he played
  • The he compares that experience with the year that he won the green jacket (2007), and what that meant to him as a golfer.
  • He breaks down some of the details of what goes on that week, what it’s like to go back every year knowing that he has a locker in the Champions’ locker room, and can play here for as long as he chooses (kind of).
  • The Green Jacket.  Where it’s been, what he did with it the year he had it, etc.
  • Zach then tells us how his win at St. Andrews was different in many ways than the win at the Masters, and what it has meant for his career.

Zach Johnson

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

CaddyShack, no question.

Cards or Cubs?

Cardinals.  He grew up routing for St. Louis Baseball.

Where to Find Zach Johnson:

Zach Johnsonwebsite: ZachJohnsonGolf.com

Charity: The Zach Johnson Foundation

Twitter: @ZachJohnsonPGA

Facebook: Zach Johnson

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