💪What’s holding you back?

Hey, I know I emailed you earlier today, so what’s the reason for this unexpected surprise? 

It’s this… 

As we’re gearing up for 2022, and we’re looking ahead at our goals, there’s always one big overwhelming question that hangs over our heads… 

…Where do I start? 

Which I get…especially when we’re running around trying to close out the year, figuring out where we’re gonna watch Alabama destroy Cincinnati, then Georgia take it to Michigan, and all the other “adult” things that constantly race through our heads. 

And if you are starting over, one of the most important things to remember…is that if you want 2022 to be different, and I really mean different, not the same BS you’ve been telling yourself the last few years, START SLOWLY. 

Do NOT completely overhaul your diet, overnight. 

Do NOT start a 6-day a week training schedule. 

The average person sticks to their exercise and diet for a whopping 6 days. 

Don’t be average.  

Instead of making massive changes because you want to be on the cover of Men’s Health on February 1st, work on building long-lasting habits that will put you on the cover in June instead:) 

That has been the biggest breakthrough we’ve had here at 18STRONG. 

We don’t buy into BS, fad diets. We don’t promise unrealistic results in unrealistic timeframes. We’ve all tried that crap. And it doesn’t last. 

It ain’t sexy, but what changed my life was gradually adding good habits, and eliminating the bad ones. Shoot, I’m still doing it. And I improve every day. 

If I had to do it all over again, here’s where I would start: 

Follow the 18STRONG Diet Stack (Free) 

Do the Daily Motion EFD – Every Friggin’ Day (Free) 

Start with at least three 20-minute workouts in Micro Workouts™ – Total Body  ($47) 

I’ve never written it down until now, so looking at it for the first time makes me excited for our Crew – that’s a solid recipe for long-term success. 

I know three seems like a lot, but they are all designed to gradually get you moving in the right direction. 

I wouldn’t have you give the keys to your Lamborghini to your 15-yr-old right outta the gate. I’d have you wait until he was 16 and ready:) 

So, that’s the reason for email #2 today…START SLOWLY. In spite of what the full-of-s*** diet industry would have you believe, that is the recipe for long-term success. 

Enjoy the rest of your night. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If we do what we did last year, we’re going to have the same outcome. Let’s be even more awesome this year. 

Here’s your recipe again: 

Follow the 18STRONG Diet Stack  

Do the Daily Motion EFD – Every Friggin’ Day  

Start with at least three 20-minute workouts in Micro Workouts™ – Total Body