WHAT? WHY? HOW? The 3 Grip Positions For Workouts

Trying to talk to golfers about grip position may as well be a “Who’s On First”, Abbott and Costello routine because there is immediately confusion.

Typically, when we talk about grip position, we’re talking about how you hold the club in your hands. However, today we’re going to talk about your grip at the gym during your workouts.


[What? Why? How?] Tickets to the gun show

Are curls good for golfers?…Well, sort of.

Since the caveman days, men all over the planet have been sculpting their guns to show their dominance in a crowded mating space. And thankfully, glamour muscles have kept the world populated for 200,000+ years.


WHAT? WHY? HOW? Resistance Bands

In the video, Jeff is going to tackle the many, many reasons all golfers should adopt resistance bands (keep them in your bag) – more specifically the Crossover Symmetry Chords system.