The #1 Clubhead Speed Killer

Every golfer has their own warm-up routine when they get to the course.

You may get there an hour early and bang a bucket of balls on the range, you may stretch for 5-10 minutes before you head to #1, or you may be the guy screeching into the parking lot who takes a few swings on the tee box and off you go (the “Trunk Slammer”).


Prevent And Eliminate Shoulder Pain

A lot of golfers unnecessarily play with pain in their shoulders that, in most cases, is easily preventable and easily fixed. In the video below, Jeff is going to show us five exercises you can use to either help PREVENT shoulder pain or help CORRECT the pain you’re currently experiencing.


Flexibility vs Mobility

One of the most misunderstood concepts of golf and fitness is the difference between flexibility and mobility.

For the most part, flexibility is how far your muscles can stretch with assistance (think of your coach pushing down on your back while you touch your toes).


[What? Why? How?] The Great Hambinos

Your backside is a totally underworked part of your golf body, but this medieval-looking exercise machine may just save your scorecard. Golfers got back Typically, when we hit the gym, we spend most of our time doing different presses, pushes and curls that work the fronts of our bodies.  And