18SP 015: Dan McLaughlin | TheDanPlan

Have you ever thought about just quitting your job and trying to be a pro golfer? Dan McLaughlin did just that at age 30.

Crazy, right?

Well, even more crazy is that, Dan had never even swung a club. And so began “TheDanPlan.”

In this episode, Dan McLaughlin from “TheDanPlan” takes you through his journey towards 10,000 hours of deliberate practice, the theory made popular in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers.” His ultimate goal by the end of this journey is to get a start on the PGA Tour and make the cut.

Dan McLaughlin’s Background

  •  Was a commercial photographer who quit his job to test the 10,000 hours of practice theory.
  • The Dan Plan began in 2010.
  • Never played golf before, had never even fully swung a club!

Highlights from this Episode

  • Dan began his quest with only a putter.
  • His “plan” was to
  • Didn’t swing a driver until 18months into the process
  • Played his first full round in January 2012
  • Dan explains his passion and reasons for taking on this challenge.
  • Dan lays out his routines and practice schedule.
  • Dan’s handicap index has been as low as a 2.7, currently is a 3.1
  • He has 5700 hours of practice completed, 4300 to go.
  • Dan is funding this whole project on his own dime.
  • Dan tells the story of his highest and lowest points on the course since beginning his journey.
  • Dan’s ultimate goal is to play in a PGA Tour event and make the cut.
  • Dan has the opportunity to head to California in March to work with Tiger’s coach from when he was a kid, Rudy Doran.

Dan’s Team

  • Worked with a swing coach, but currently not working with anyone
  • Has a fitness professional that he works with on a regular basis, but does most workouts independently.
  • His “most important” coaches right now are his mental game coaches, the ladies at Vision54.

Dan’s Advice

Be your practice self when you’re in the middle of a competition.

Believe in yourself and love what you do.

Where You Can Find Dan:

The Dan Plan Website: thedanplan.comdan_mclaughlin

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheDanPlanGolf

Twitter: @thedanplan

Donate to The Dan Plan: http://thedanplan.com/donations-2/

*Please remember that Dan is funding this whole project himself.  If you have some extra jack to keep him from draining his bank account while pursuing his dream, by all means, please donate to the cause.  How cool would it be to see him in an event and know that you you had a part in it!*

Other Links from this Episode

The book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell 


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