💪 Are you choosing wisely? 

Happy hump day, my fellow golf nut! Why else would we spend so much time and effort getting better at this game if we weren’t a little nuts, right? 

So, speaking of getting better…I was speaking to an insider about Bryson DeChambeau now that we’re a few years removed from his “experiment”. 

The consensus among the team is that he is physically all messed up. Not that he’s necessarily hurt, but his body is all over the board.  

So, I took a step back and I asked myself, “What was Bryson ACTUALLY trying to accomplish by packing on the mass?” 

Obviously, he wants more distance (who doesn’t?). And there’s no denying he’s did that. 

But, once we get past the extra 20 yards off the tee, what are/were his goals? 

We could ask 100 golfers if they think his “experiment” has worked. And I bet we’d be split right down the middle. 

Not only that, but we’d have 100 varying opinions why they believe it’s been successful or unsuccessful so far. 

My two cents? I think the value of his brand went through the roof – as evidenced by the deal he signed with LIV. So, from a business POV, it’s a HUGE win. 

From a success-on-the-course POV…eh? His scoring average is about the same. And he seems to be spending a lot more time on the sidelines with injuries. 

So, I’m curious about your training. What are your training goals? And are you doing the right things to reach them? 

Earlier this year, I was focused on building muscle AND losing fat. But it wasn’t working. The problem was simple…  

It was my training.  

I was training for two different goals, which never works. 

It’s kinda like a baseball player hitting for power and average. It rarely happens (Mr. Albert Pujols during his St. Louis heyday is one of the exceptions). 

Once I prioritized building muscle, my body composition changed surprisingly quickly.  

And I know that is where a lot of our golfers get into problems. The lines between goals get very blurry because we want it all. 

We have to resist that urge. And I’m obviously just as guilty as the next guy.  

Look, you’ll find individual training programs in the 18STRONG Membership – each with a very specific goal in mind. So, it’s up to you to prioritize what YOU really want to get from your training. 

I got a little greedy and tried to have it all. And I got it wrong. 

So, there’s definitely something to be learned from Bryson. 

You’ve got this, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you need any help prioritizing your training, please reply to this email. I love to help. 

If you do know what you want out of your training, then hop over to the 18STRONG Membership. And get started today.