💪 Are you doing these? 

It’s Friday. And I hope you’re finishing your week STRONG. 

Did you make changes? Big changes? Power changes? Life-altering changes? 

Did you get your body moving? 

Did you do something to make yourself stronger? 

Did you do something to make yourself a better golfer? 

The clock is ticking. I can show you the way. I can teach. I can simplify. I can inspire. BUT, I can’t do it for you. 

Now, that would be a great business venture. I love spreading the golf fitness word. And teaching you what I know. But, I’d be a zillionaire if I could do it for you. 

Now, IF I were to do it for you, the very first thing I’d do is get you moving every day. And that’s my wish for you…to at least move 7 mins each and every day. More specifically, to do the Daily Motion in the 18STRONG App

There are tons of training programs in the app, but there is ONLY ONE program that is automatically installed on your calendar – the Daily Motion. 

It’s so deceivingly simple. So devastatingly effective. So easy to find the time. You can’t not do it. 

If I were just getting started, I would spend much time with elaborate training programs that take an hour plus. I’d get back to the basics. And start building habit on top of habit on top of habit. 

Now? It’s time to get off your butt. And start moving like a person possessed. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you’re ready to start a simple training regimen, I would take a look at the Golf Body Blueprint – Activate in the 18STRONG App. If you can find a better tactical program specifically designed for golfers just starting to work out…then you should jump on it. Heck, I’d be all over it too. 

Here you go: https://www.go18strong.com/app-test-drive