💪 Are you the alpha?  

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m a little late getting this to you because I just got off a Zoom call with two experts in the fitness field. 

Both have crazy successful businesses. You may have heard of one. The other lurks in the shadows. And churns out great content. 

We got to talking about our businesses. And the “man in the shadows” said something very interesting that I’m sure will resonate with you not only in your fitness world, but also in your career. 

So, we were talking about what us, as our Crew really want. And what we think we want… 

We think we want to get into shape so that we can play better golf, right? Well, that’s true. BUT, it’s not what we REALLY want. 

I’ll come back to that in a minute, but think about all those folks who get duped into those get-rich-quick schemes…they want a lot of money, correct? 


Deep down, they REALLY want the freedom that comes along with a lot of money. And they want to do it without working 80 hours per week – we all do. 

Which one of these ads would get your attention? 

  1. Learn How I Made $100,000 From ONE Single Blog Post 


  1. Learn How To Become A Career Blogger 

I don’t know about you, but I’d be darn curious how I could make $100k by writing one blog post. Screw the career. I could just write a few posts every year and live on the golf course. 

Because we all want the freedom. The money is just a means to get there. 

Now, back to us. We think we want to get strong to play our best golf, live longer, blah, blah, blah.  

The truth is we want to look lean, strong, larger and more athletic.  

The reason?  

To be the alpha. 

We want our wives to be proud of how we look. We want to be our kids’ heroes. We want to turn heads at the pool. When we were single, we wanted the gals to fire on us. 

Taking money from our buddies because we’re playing our best golf is just a great perk. 

So, when he told me this, I couldn’t argue. And I couldn’t argue at any level. Why do you think Tiger worked so hard to win all those tournaments? To be the one guys wanted to be. And the girls want to be with. 

Now, this is the kind of email that is going to get me a bunch of responses telling me I’m full of s***, but I believe if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll come to the same conclusion. 

The reason I bring this up is because your “Why” may be out of whack with reality. And it may be holding you back. 

When times get tough, our WHY has to be bulletproof. And there is nothing more bulletproof than the way our DNA is wired.  

Let me leave you with this before I head home… 

Wanting to look your best is not vain. It’s not self-centered. It’s not egotistical. 

We are wired for survival. 

End of story. 

Your # Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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You’ve got this. And we’ll help.