💪 Don’t waste your money.

It’s Sunday night and I had a moment of clarity earlier today I know will get you thinking. 

Let’s not waste any time: 

The average American spends $1,860 on health and fitness every year. 

Yet, over 40% of Americans over the age of 20 are obese. 

For years, I blamed “Big Food”, the diet industry and their BS claims, and some other, smaller factors. 

But I completely missed the mark. 

I embarrassingly fell into the no-personal-accountability trap that the world is constantly shoving down our throats. 

But, it’s not any industry’s fault. 

It’s ours. 

We’re the problem. 

We’re the ones buying the revolutionary diet plans. The miracle pills. The latest and greatest tummy-flattening device. 

All while knowing in the back of our heads that it’s total garbage. 

In our hearts, we all know the secret to getting into shape and being healthy… 


We’ve all been conditioned to look for “hacks” and shortcuts to get us the results we want without actually putting in the work. 

And sometimes, there are no hacks. 

Sometimes you just need to grit your teeth and do the work. 


Here at 18STRONG, we’re in business to sell products and guidance that help our Crew get into shape, and stay in shape for years and decades to come. 

Along the way, we’ve learned that one of the hardest things to do is motivate somebody else. 

We can inspire our Crew with more success stories than we can count, but at the end of the day, it’s up to the individual to decide to change his life. 

And I think it would be hypocritical for us to sell training programs without encouraging our Crew to think before they put in their credit card info. 

Are you willing to put in the work? 

Are you ready to change your life? 

Or, are you selling yourself a false sense of accomplishment by taking the “first step” with the endorphin rush of making a purchase? 

The real first step is to get off your butt and start moving. 

You can close this page, and buy a guitar on the next website. 

But until you pick it up and start strumming, you ain’t a musician. 

So why bring this up? 

To help make you aware of the cycle that we see being repeated so often. 

The one you may not consciously be aware you are in right now. 

You know the one. 

The one where you start a new exercise program. Rock out for a few days or weeks. Then quit. 

Then stumble across the next shiny object, and start the cycle again. 

On average, people repeat it 80+ times in their lives! 

The truth is that just about every exercise and training program on the market can and will work. 

Sure, some better than others. But they all work. 

If all you ate was chicken and broccoli, you bet you’d lose weight. 

If you lift super-heavy weights like a bodybuilder in the gym for the next year, of course you’re going to get bigger. 

If you jump on boxes, hit the gym 5 times per week, and eat really clean, you will absolutely get shredded. 

Which begs the question with the obvious answer, “If all these programs work, what’s the problem?” 

More appropriately, who’s the problem? 

It’s us. 

And the fix is very, very simple. 


Walk (the course). Swim. Play soccer. Play pick-up basketball. Cycle. Jog. Row. Hike. Play tennis… 

The list goes on and on and on. Whatever is your jam – do it. 

Willpower will only get you so far. 

When you enjoy what you’re doing, you take motivation out of the equation. 

None of us has ever skipped golf because we couldn’t get motivated. 

Think about something else you love to do… 

You ever have to psyche yourself up to go do it?  Doubt it. 

To stay in shape, I love to lift weights. 

As luck would have it, it helps me play better golf. 

I can’t help you be a better swimmer, power-lifter or tennis player. 

If you golf, and don’t like working out, I’m not your guy. 

But for that minority of golfers who love to train… 

…welcome to the club. 

You’re one of us. And we’re here to help. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you think you may be one of us crazies who enjoy working out and playing golf, here’s how we can get you on the right path: 


That’s the link to our Membership App 7-Day Free Trial. Check it out. If it sounds like you, give it a shot. If not, nobody said we can’t play golf:)