💪 Goal + Deadline + Stakes = ? 

Oh boy, it’s Wednesday and I just read that DJ is going to the very lucrative Saudi-backed league. Things just got very interesting… 

I’ll let the experts keep an eye on the fallout of that. For us, let’s get down to business…the business of being successful with our golf and fitness. 

Yesterday, we talked about the “Great Separator”. In other words, what separates those guys who have success from those who always struggle. What we’ve found with our guys is that starts with a mission statement. 

I’m sure you’ve gone through these exercises in your job, personal development, etc. And you got pumped up for a minute, but nothing really changed, right? 

Well, I will bet you dollars to dog turds that is because you were missing two critical components…more on that in a minute. 

For now, I want you to write a clear mission statement for your fitness and golf. Here’s the simple framework: 

“I will accomplish   ____(GOAL)_____   by   ___(DEADLINE)___  because of ____(STAKES)____.” 

Keep it short. Keep it interesting. Keep it inspirational. Keep it specific. 

Here’s an example of a bad one: 

I will lose weight by the end of summer, because I want to get healthy.  

Instead, try something closer to this: 

I will lose 10 lbs by August 1st, because I want to look great in my tux at my daughter’s wedding. 

Make sense? 

So, this is all good and well, but without a plan, none of this will ever matter. 

Tomorrow, we start to put together your plan to achieve your mission. 

You’ve got this, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – Examples always help me understand concepts, so here’s another good example: 

I will do the Daily Motion routine in the 18STRONG App every day for 30 consecutive days because increased mobility means a loose, comfortable, controllable golf swing that will lower my scores.