💪 I’m letting myself go today

It’s a beautiful Monday morning. And today I’m going to play some hooky. 

You see, 44 years ago today, a young Jeff Pelizzaro came into the world with a glimmer in his eye. And a passion for golf and fitness – okay, that last part happened a few years later:) 

My plan was to shoot a video for the Crew today all about back pain. If I’m not careful and don’t do the right things, I struggle with it. So, it’s something that hits close to home for me. And I want to help you with what I’ve learned throughout the years.  

However, I’m going for my putter fitting this morning. A few clients this afternoon. Then a steak dinner fully equipped with a bottle of wine and gooey butter cake. So, the video is going to have to wait. 

Tomorrow, I’ve got your back (pun absolutely intended). 

For today, I do want to share one quick thing with you. 

Here’s a quote I saw over the weekend from 86-yr-old Gary Player about the mind-body connection: 

I got so strong I felt like a giant…..When I stood on the tee with Arnold and Jack, I was tiny compared to them. But I never believed they were bigger than me. So, the mind is so fascinating. 

In other words, being strong gives you ultimate confidence. And golf is all about confidence. 

How could you not have confidence when you know you’re strong. It’s like being prepared for a test in college. You did the work. So, you have nothing to worry about. 

You’ve got this. 

Now, wish me luck finding a new putter. My last one really struggled with 8-10 footers. And I’m sure it wasn’t operator-error:) 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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