💪 Simple. Simple. Simple. 

Good morning (my evening) from Dusseldorf, Germany. Yup, we crossed the border from the Netherlands to Germany. And the beauty just continues and continues. 

At the end of the trip, I may give up this crazy golf fitness stuff. And just become a spokesperson for the southern cruise on the Rhine River. 

Nah, too many golfers. And too little time to turn them into lean, mean, scratch golfing machines (or at least scores that are fulfilling). 

Last night, we were sitting around enjoying some of the local pilsners. And I was quietly thinking how great this world is. How much I love what we do here at 18STRONG. 
But a few years ago, I was feeling frustrated. 
I want EVERYONE to succeed. I’m 100% all-in and I actually give a s***. Always have, always will. I think it comes from growing up in a huge, tightknit family.  
But back then, I’d have clients either in-person or in one of our coaching groups, give someone the exact plan on a silver platter, and then – they’d do nothing. Nada. Zip. 
Or, almost as maddening, they’d do the opposite of what I recommend. 
Some were consumed by fear or overwhelm. Some were distracted because they’re constantly searching for the next “miracle”. Others were bit by the perfectionism bug. 
After I’d deliver the program they’d disappear from embarrassment. But months later, they’d come back with a story like, “I should have listened to you. I ended up spending X dollars on program XYZ and it was a waste of money”. 
OR “I started with a personal trainer. And my golf improved by zero.” 
So I’m going to lay it out for you right here, right now. With my proven 13+ year track record as the backdrop. 
Here’s the SIMPLEST plan I know to start… 

  • Move every day. I don’t care if it’s walking, biking, playing basketball in the driveway. Just move. 
  • Get stronger. Lift heavy things. 
  • Be consistent. 
  • Have reasonable expectations. 
  • Enjoy the process.  

Once you find the thing you enjoy, it’s infinitely easier to stick to your plan…forever. You don’t need complex exercises, machines, or hype-ey BS. 
Heck, you often don’t even need weights (your bodyweight can be crazy effective). 
During the pandemic, we had golfers who had zero access to equipment. And got into the best shape of their lives. 
Follow that SIMPLE plan and watch how it all comes together. 
Smile. Take a deep breath. And lean into the simple. 
I am rooting for you. Always (unless you’re a Cubs fan – just kidding. The north siders are always welcome in the Crew). 
You’ve got this. 
Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you haven’t invested in the 18STRONG Membership, it’s the best $0.65 you’ll spend every day. You’ll finally have the exact blueprint to build your lean, mean, golf body the SIMPLE way.