💪 The BIG “Y”

Happy Wednesday – I accidentally just typed “Thursday”, so let’s take a step back and refocus. 

So yesterday, we got started talking about how we suck at building habits. 

Seriously, we know what we need to do to get into shape and live a healthy life, so why is it so damn hard to keep doing it longer than a few days or weeks? 

Here’s a quick recap of some of the most popular offenders: 

  • We try to change too much too soon 
  • We get impatient the results don’t come quickly enough 
  • We slip up when life gets in the way 
  • We start the cycle over again 

I challenged you yesterday to break out of your bad habits by answering this question… 

What is your why? 

Because if you don’t know why you’re doing it, you’ve already lost.  

If you’re here because you think you “should” get into shape, you’re going to fail as soon as life gets in the way. 

If you’re dragging yourself to the gym, kicking and screaming, because you think you “should” run on the treadmill even though you hate jogging (like me), you’re toast. 

As you’re going through the habits you want to build, make the habit part of a BIGGER cause that’s worth the struggle.  

And be honest with yourself. 

If you’re going to the gym because there’s a smoke-show at work you want to date, then make that your why. Don’t BS yourself and be a woke joke by crafting some politically correct, “noble” story that isn’t true. 

You’re not just working out, you’re building a body that you’re not ashamed of so your wife can’t keep her hands off you. 

You’re not just learning to eat cleaner, you’re losing weight so those new Lululemon pants you got for Christmas will make your ass pop in front of the cart girl:) 

You’re not just moving your body, you’re moving everyday so you can beat the pants off of all of your buddies this golf season. 

We all know we “should” get into shape. I don’t have to talk you into that. But, if that were enough, we’d all look and feel great.  

Without your own BIG WHY, you’re just forcing yourself to do things you don’t enjoy – and that’ll never last.   

Tie your new habit to a greater cause, and your chance of success goes up exponentially.  

Dig deep. Be selfish. And be honest. 

Now, write it down. 


Tomorrow, we’re going to dive into the exact steps to building healthy habits. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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