💪 Wishes are for 9-yr-olds 

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning here in St. Louis. And today is gonna be a good one. 

This morning as I was walking the pooch, I said something to my wife that almost made me stop in my tracks. It’s something I’ve corrected my kids on many times. 

Here’s what I said, “I wish we had a more modern-looking house…like the one that Mac from Welcome to Wrexham (great show if you haven’t seen it yet) lives in. Not too gaudy. Not too flashy. But awesome finishes.” 

Just talk, right? It’s fun to fantasize about stuff like that. So, no big deal. 


And here’s the issue… 

I said the “W” word. 

The problem is that a goal without a plan is just a “W”ish. And all of the greatest ideas are just air without a step-by-step plan. 

Magically, when you create a that path, your wish instantly transforms into a goal. 

Now, think about how you approach your fitness and your golf. 

I bet you wish you look like you belong on the cover of Men’s Health. I bet you wish your distance was better. 

So, do you have a plan to magically transform your wish into a goal? Because without a plan, I promise it will always be stuck as a wish. 

Perhaps we should name the 18STRONG Membership, the “Wish Transformer” because each training program has a specific goal and a step-by-step plan to achieve it.  

Your assignment today: take one of those wishes you’ve had in your head that just hasn’t come true. And put a plan in place to achieve it. 

You’ve got this, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – I know I’m beating it to death, but put your plan on your calendar – I promise it works! 

When you log in to the 18STRONG Membership App for the first time, you’ll notice that you are required to put your workouts on the calendar – that is not an accident. That’ll help you 10X to stick to your plan. 

Not just with your fitness, but with any plan you have to reach your goals.