💪 Worst exercise for balance ever! 

It’s a beautiful Wednesday and here’s a bit of advice I hope will relieve some of the confusion surrounding a hot-button topic in golf…balance. 

Since I only bring you real-world, in-the-trenches experience, here’s a quick story. 

When golfers first walk into the gym, I hear the same five stories. I need more flexibility. I need more distance. I need better balance. I need… 

And the first step I often take is to undo all of the shiny-new object nonsense they’ve been taught. The popular (and wrong) answer for better balance is to perform exercises on unstable surfaces and balance devices like a Bosu ball. Absolute nonsense! 

When was the last time you took a shot from a wobbly surface? Not a lot of shots from yoga balls in this year’s Masters.  

Instead of those hacky, looks-like-it-might-work exercises, we need to use our common sense and stick with functional training

Your training should be focused on creating good, clean, solid force through the ground – which is, of course, very stable. After all, you’re standing on the earth. 

In other words, there are ways in which we can challenge our balance but still be planted firmly on the ground (like all golf shots).  

And one of the greatest ways to do this is through unilateral exercises – especially for the lower body.  

Things like lunges. Split squats. Single-leg deadlifts. All staples in our 18STRONG training programs.  

I know it’s hard to not fall for the fancy Instagram exercises. They always look like they’ve uncovered a magic solution that is going to turn us into Rory overnight. I’ve fallen for it too. 

But after 13 years in the gym, I can tell you none of that garbage works. Well, it works to sell training programs. But doesn’t help your balance on the course in the slightest. 

Stick to what works. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – The Monthly Program in the Membership not only has a strong focus on balance, but it’s great for golfers who like to change up their workouts every 4 weeks.  

If not, we have a number of 8-week programs if that’s your jam. Get in now – and you’ll get the next seven days on the house.