💪 Your cost of being out of shape?

Happy Monday, from a snow-covered St. Louis landscape.   

Last week, my son had to give a “TED” talk to his class on the topic of his choice. He chose to ask the question, “Is College Worth The Cost?” 

He did a great job arguing that for most kids, it is NOT worth it. If you want to know why, I’ll happily send you his slides, but it got me thinking about our Crew. 

I went down the rabbit hole of, “What is being out of shape costing you?” 

Does it weigh on you mentally, emotionally, and physically? 

Do you start most days in a foul mood because of who you see in the mirror? 

My cousin Ryan will be the first to tell you that he was always hesitant when he was invited to play at country clubs because he hated tucking in his shirt. He was self-conscious, and that affected how he played. 

Golf is such a confidence game. When you step up to the ball looking lean, athletic and “playing the part”, you are guaranteed to play your best. We don’t like to admit it because we think that vanity is bad, but it’s just how we’re wired. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. Use it. It’s a great way to boost your confidence. 

And getting back into shape starts by you simply moving every single day. 

In the 18STRONG App, you can choose from a number of golf-specific training programs that match your goals, BUT there is only one thing already on your calendar – the Daily Motion EFD (Every Friggin’ Day). 

It’s a simple routine with 9 movements, only takes 5-7 minutes, but it oils your “golf joints” like you just walked out of Jiffy Lube. 

You’ll notice a difference after just seven days. But after 30 days? Forget about it. You feel like you’re made of rubber (in a good way). 

No more creaks, cracks, and your Range of Motion time travels back to when you were a young buck.   

If the cost of being out of shape is that you’re giving away strokes because you’re lacking confidence in the guy you see in the mirror, moving is Step #1 to break out of it. 

From there, we’ll help you work on your nutrition. And find a workout that you can stick to for the long-term. 

But, start with moving today. 

You’ve got this. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – You can sign up for a free 7-day trial of the 18STRONG App. Do the Daily Motion EFD for the next 7 days. 

If you like it, keep it. If not, send it right back our way. 

See you on the inside: https://www.go18strong.com/app-test-drive