18SP 010: Nick Mueller | Regress to Progress

Nick Mueller is a master at correcting dysfunction and movement in golfers, then turning them into performance machines!

In this episode, Nick helps us understand the principles behind creating quality movement before jumping into the more advanced pieces of a fitness program.

Nick is a good friend of mine and I am honored to have him in the spotlight for the 10th episode of the podcast.

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Nick’s Background

  • Performance coach
  • High performance Strength and Conditioing in foot ball University of British Columbia
  • Friends with Jason Glass who helped him realize his passion for golf and golf fitness
  • Director of the golf performance program at Innovative Fitness
  • Works with Morgan Creek Golf Course

Highlights from our Conversation

  • Destination Fitness: taking people all over the world to accomplish adventurous goals such as hiking, running a marathon,climbing Machu Picchu.
    • They develop a personalized fitness program around those goals, then complete the adventure with the client
  • How he uses small victories to move each client toward their goal.
  • Different personalities respond differently to your methodology
  • In many cases you the client wants to push forward to quickly and Nick has to slow them down to make sure they are prepared properly before moving on to the next step, challenge.
  • Nick explains the concept of “REGRESS TO PROGRESS” especially with their golfers
  • How to decide on the right goals for a golfer and how to make it tangible when then are training and practicing.
  • Identify what you feel is valuable to you, and design a goal around it.
  • Sometimes you have to take an athlete and regress them and their movement patterns to help them progress forward
  • Based on the client’s screen, it’s often noted that they are lacking in some area, which needs to be addressed to get the biggest potential out of their program an performance
  • Nick explains a couple examples of how you can look at your own program and whether you need to “regress to progress”
  • What are the things you should be looking at in your squat:”Butt Winking“: Here’s a good article to explain, along with some videos (Thanks to DeanSomerset.com)
    • Toes straight
    • Heels down
    • Torso parallel to your shins

What’s the Biggest Mistake that Golfers are Making in their Programs?

  • Being a “Do it Yourselfer”
  • You’ve got to “Swing Your Swing” as Arnold Palmer would say.
  • Everyone learns and swings in a different way.
  • Just because an exercise works for one person, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

What are Nick’s Fitness and Diet Struggles?

  • Limited rotation, flat shoulder plane, Left thoracic rotation
  • Wobbly pops (Beers)
  • Right hip stability
  • Trying to Lift as much as possible (which has caused other limitations and issues in regard to his performance)

Last Piece of advice

  • Know your limitations
  • “Identifying limitations is a cause for celebration”

Nick Mueller

Find Nick

Facebook: Nick Mueller

Twitter: @Nickmgap

Instagram: CoachMueller

Innovative Fitness: www.InnovativeFitness.com

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