38 hours of FREE fat burning

Oh boy, we’re kicking off 2024 in style.

Rory is backing off the LIV defectors.

Phil is sticking up for Rory.

And the PGA Tour starts today in Hawaii.


So, other than the drama that has become professional golf these days, the hot topic that keeps coming up this time of the year is “Does cardio work for fat loss?”

A few years ago, I would have enthusiastically told you “YES!”


My answer with a sorry-to-disappoint-you head nod is “Not really.”

Of course, if you get out there and go for a jog, it’s way better for you than doing nothing.

Something is always better than nothing.

But with cardio, you run into a few problems, not the least of which is a very inefficient use of your time if fat loss is your goal.

We’ve experimented with fat burning workouts for years.

And we keep landing on the same answer:

Strength Training.

It’s pretty simple…

…when you build muscle, you’re building a bigger engine.

And like a gas-guzzling, Arnold-driving, Hummer in the 90s, you burn more fuel.

Even when you’re not actively working out, your engine is always idling.

Meaning, you’re burning more fat and calories even when you’re resting.

That’s called the “After-Burn” Effect.

And it’s magical.

A study by the National Institute of Health showed that the After-Burn Effect can last for as long as 38 hours after your workout.

So, you’re literally burning calories reading and watching the professional golf soap opera.

On the other hand, when you stop your cardio workout – whether it be jogging, biking, rowing, swimming, etc. – your calorie-burning engine also stops.

If you hate lifting weights and working out, and love cardio, then keep doing cardio.

Like I said, something is better than nothing.

But if lifting weights and/or body weight is your jam to lose fat, we built the Golfer’s Fat Loss Blueprint for you.

Let’s embrace SIMPLE.

And most of all…let’s make it last.


PS – On the Golfer’s Fat Loss Blueprint webpage, I shot a short video that goes a little deeper into why so many fail at fat loss.

There are two camps of people…which one are you in?

Here’s the video: https://18strong.com/training-programs/fat-loss/