18SP 019: Adam Stevenson |Offseason Practice for the Game and the Body

Adam Stevenson is a golf pro with a vision.  “Save your golf game and save your life!”  This is the subtitle of his book, and basically the backbone of his teaching.

Adam is not just working on his golfer’s swing, he has begun a quest of learning as much about the body and it’s function in order to not only make his clients play better, but to live better.

Adam realizes that if the body is not in tune and working at it’s best, then the golf game has a lot of potential for improvement.  By working on both, the client wins in more ways than one.

Adam Stevenson’s Background

  • Originally from Canada, but has been living in Denmark for 18years
  • Has been teaching golf for 10 years
  • Recently has been focusing a lot on learning more about the body and how it’s movements and abilities relate to the golfer and their swing
  • The off season over in Denmark is a 6 month long “season”
  • Golf instructor with PGA of Denmark
  • Plane Truth certified instructor
  • Background in Stack and Tilt
  • K-Vest #D certified instructor
  • TPI Level 3 certified Fitness and Medical

Highlights from this Episode

  •  “Golfers are athletes”
  • Making the golfer aware that there is more to their golfswing than ball position and club technology can be a difficult task
  • Adam makes a point to educate the golfer not just on the swing, but what their body is capable of and not capable of regarding the motion of the swing
  • By doing this he is able to help the golfer with the root of their issues rather than just provide band aid fixes
  • The biggest issues Adam finds regarding the body:
    • Poor Posture
    • Limited upper spine mobility
    • Limited front hip internal rotation
  • Some limitations require physical correction with exercise, but there are ways to adjust their posture/swing to adjust them while they work on the limitation
  • Biggest limitations that ARE NOT physical limitations:Poor grip
    • improper ball position
  • Adam’s Book: “The Golfer’s Handbook: Save Your Golf Game and Your Life”Book
  • Adam’s mission is to give awareness to the golfers in Denmark about the importance of working on not only the swing but their health and fitness

What can you do in the off season?

  • Play other sports as a way to cross train
  • Hit balls into the net so you can work on the technique, but not be so concerned with the ball flight
  • Mirror drills
  • K-Vest drills
  • Slow motion Swing

Highlight from the World Golf Fitness Summit

Favorite Book/Author for the Golfer:

How to find Adam:

Facebook: Adam Stevenson

Facebook Page: Sindal Proshop and Golf Academy

Facebook Page: Golf Fitness and Sundhed Denmark

Youtube: Adam Stevenson

TPI “Find an Expert” page: Adam Stevenson





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