What did he think was going to happen?

As has become the norm these days, we did one of those drive-by birthday parades in the neighborhood up the street.
If you haven’t heard about these things, a group of people meet up the street from the house of the birthday boy or girl, then drive by honking, hooting and hollering with decorated vehicles.
Since a lot of people are still skittish to be around other people, this is what now passes for a birthday party and it makes the kids feel good.


Stamina saves at least one Pro V1 from tragic mower accident

Last Friday in the mid-afternoon heat (mid 90s), we played at what I think is the best public course in St. Louis – Annbriar GC.

Awesome layout.  Even better people running the place.

On #17, our co-founder Ryan hit one down the left side of the fairway on top of a hill.

There were three of us who all saw it, but it was one of those annoying balls you just cannot seem to find anywhere. 

There was nobody behind us, so I bet we spent every bit of 10 minutes looking for it.


The #1 Clubhead Speed Killer

Every golfer has their own warm-up routine when they get to the course.

You may get there an hour early and bang a bucket of balls on the range, you may stretch for 5-10 minutes before you head to #1, or you may be the guy screeching into the parking lot who takes a few swings on the tee box and off you go (the “Trunk Slammer”).


Prevent And Eliminate Shoulder Pain

A lot of golfers unnecessarily play with pain in their shoulders that, in most cases, is easily preventable and easily fixed. In the video below, Jeff is going to show us five exercises you can use to either help PREVENT shoulder pain or help CORRECT the pain you’re currently experiencing.