18SP: 005 Damon Goddard | Working With Jordan Spieth | Assess Move Perform

By his laid back style and humble personality, you wouldn’t guess that this guy works with one of the greatest and most talked about players on the tour right now, Jordan Spieth.

But Damon Goddard is one of the most respected fitness practitioners in the game.

His work with golfers of all ages is recognized by the best coaches and players around.

In this episode, Damon explains some of the most important steps you should take when getting into a fitness program for golf and gives us a few stories of experiences he’s had with Jordan and what a remarkably focused young man he is.

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Damon’s Background

  • Soccer player at Leigh University
  • TPI Level 3
  • Advisory board member for Southern Methodist University
  • Works with PGA, LPGA, junior golfers, collegiate golfers, recreational golfers, etc.
  • Post rehab and performance expert
  • AMPD Golf Fitness (Assess, Move, Perform)
  • Sports Medicine, Sports Performance, Chiropractic (Treat and Train model)
  • Blew out his knee at age 16 (ACL, MCL, meniscus tear)
  • Was introduced to therapy and rehab, which led to his current career choice.
  • Decided to get into the strengthening profession rather than physical therapy
  • Saw a need to bridge the gap between being released from therapy after an injury to the point where an athlete can compete at the highest level
  • Started his 1st personal training company at age 23
  • Started working with more athletes and eventually more golfers started showing up
  • Saw a need for conditioning and injury prevention in golf



  • Started working with Cameron McCormick (swing coach) 4 years ago.
  • Cameron suggested to Damon that he see this new kid named Jordan Spieth who was going to be the next Tiger!
  • Initially, Jordan was a tall skinny kid, so they decided they needed to get some weight on him in order to handle the speed and movements that he had in his swing.
  • They worked slowly, with the end result in mind to develop him properly and get him prepared for the rigors of the tour, travel, and physical stresses on the body.
  • His 1st year on tour he went injury free.
  • Story about Jordan Spieth‘s ability to adapt on the course and overcome adversity.
  • Jordan has a unique ability to be confident in any situation on the course.
  • Damon caddied for Jordan at the Shell Houston when his regular Caddy was sick (bogey-free round).
  • Jordan’s physical testing levels were as high as they had ever sen just before he went to The Master’s (which he came in 2nd place!)

The Performance Paradigm

  • ampd modelLook at Mobility and Stability first
  • Then look at increasing strength and Power
  • Strength gains occur quicker when the focus is placed first on movement and stability, then strength and power.
  • There needs to be some patience at the beginning.

Last Piece of Advice

  • Assess
  • Get a Blueprint of where you are going
  • Find out what you need and have someone help you develop a plan
  • You need to have feedback to know how you are doing and if you’re going in the right direction

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