Happy belated Quitter’s Day!

It’s Monday, and while our kids have the day off for MLK Day, helping our Crew get more mobile, strong, and fast never stops:)

Sidenote: if you’ve never watched MLK’s I have a Dream speech, do yourself a favor and take 18 minutes out of your day today to do so – total goosebumps.

Before you do, did you know that last Friday was “Quitter’s Day”? January 13th is the day that most people give up their New Year’s resolutions.

So, how’d you do? Are you still sticking to your plan? Or, did the weekend ruin it?

If you decided to do one of the many strict, January fitness challenges or cleansing diets and you’ve quit, it’s not entirely your fault. The problem with most of those things is that they are not built for the long-term.

Most of the “challengers” are counting down the days, hours and minutes until they can go back to “normal”. Which defeats the purpose of long-term success.

Here’s the deal: stopping a challenge feels great at the moment. It’s kinda like quitting a job you hate…the stress is gone. The weight is off your shoulders. And you feel free…for awhile.

Then, you realize you’re right back where you started…just more demoralized. And the excuses come flooding in.

So, instead of short-term challenges, I want you to build LONG-TERM HABITS.

Pick one or two easy, but challenging things you can do every single day for the next 30-60 days…and do them!

Walk 20 mins each dayDo the Daily Motion in the 18STRONG Membership every dayDon’t start eating lunch until noon each dayYou don’t have to create a perfect plan. In fact, it shouldn’t be. We are after consistency over perfection.

This “start and stop” nutrition or fitness dance you do year after year stops right now.

You in?

Then come join us in the 18STRONG Membership.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – If you missed it, our boy Hayden Buckley came up one painful stroke short of his first Tour victory yesterday at the Sony Open.

Mark my words, he will win his first event this year.

Keeping it consistent in the gym…