Just tell me what to do

Oh yeah, it’s Monday and time to give your overly-active Google brain a rest.

Right now in your pocket, you have the collective experience of the entire human race. So, you would think that with all of the fitness information, getting in shape would be easy.

It should be as simple as Googling, “how to get into shape to play better golf”, click the first result, then look like and play like Rory in 90 days.

BUT, there’s a problem…a MASSIVE industry all to happy to answer all of your fitness questions with a shiny, new “secret” researchers just learned yesterday that is going to change your life.

And the secret ain’t free.

Spend a few minutes scrolling through your favorite social media platform and you’ll see some version of this headline recipe:

Get [the outcome you want] in [ridiculously short period of time] without [doing the thing that we know works].

Try it…

  • Get Sculpted Biceps In 30 Days Without Lifting A Single Dumbbell
  • Lose 3 Lbs Every Week Without Changing Your Diet
  • Improve Your Swing Speed By The Weekend Without Taking One Swing!

Because there is a ton of moolah to be made, especially in the golf world, “they” claim to have the answer that “they” won’t tell you because then you’ll know the secret to making the PGA Tour…

“The secret to Rory’s 350-yd drives ONLY the pros know, but won’t tell you.”

Of course, as you’re surfing along the internet, the advice starts to contradict.

This group says meat is bad. That group says eating meat will save your life.

This group says jogging is how to stay lean. That group says running is actually bad for you.

It can be a lot. A whole lot.

So, what happens?

You keep searching for more information.

Before you know it, A LOT of time has gone by, and you haven’t done ANYTHING.

You’ve acquired a lot of information, except…

The Next Step.

Which explains one of the most common emails we receive…

“I just want to be told what to do.”

We all want to cut through the BS. So, this Thursday (2p CST) on our Live Crew & A call, we’re “giving the people what they want.”

We’re going to do it workshop-style so you’ll have a plan for “what to do next.”

The goal is to smash paralysis by analysis.

And as always, the call is free to join, but you need to register to attend:


We’ll see you there!

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro