It’s Monday, so it’s time to dominate another week of work, play, fitness, and golf.  Especially after the result at Whistling yesterday, it’s a great day to live in the free world. 

I watched as much as I could, but this morning, I spent a few minutes looking at highlights and reading about how the Ryder Cup unfolded. 

And as I was reading, I was inundated with more ads than usual.  Of course.  The Ryder Cup is “trending”, so a lot of people are searching for it today, which means more advertising revenue for Google, Golf Channel, ESPN, and the other million sports outlets we go to for information. 

Not surprisingly, I search Google for a lot of fitness and nutrition-related topics.  You know, I like to stay sharp.  Google knows this, so I get a ton of ads for the latest and greatest products and programs out there. 

It got me thinking how we all fall into one of two buckets with our fitness: 

Bucket #1: Shiny Object Syndrome 

Each time we see an advertisement or hear about a new program, we immediately abandon what we’re doing and jump in with both feet.  And I think it’s because their marketing, and before-and-after pictures are so damn good that we believe it.  They make it sound so easy, how can we lose? 

Bucket #2: Trust The Process 

We say “Shhhh” to all of the outside noise and the stuff we see on TV and online, and our common sense takes over.  In our hearts, we ALL know there is no magic pill.  If there was, we’d all look like Ryan Reynolds.  We do the work and we understand it’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

So which bucket are you in? 

The key to long-term success is avoiding the “poison apple” and falling into the trap of Bucket #1.   

It’s hard.  I get it.  I spent way too much time in that bucket both with my fitness and business.  It may not be sexy, but consistency is what creates results.  

That’s it.  We do that, and we win. 

By the way, that’s another reason I love the Golf Body Blueprint model.  Because you have everyday mapped out for you with proven results from golfers who have walked the path before you.   

There’s no thinking.  There’s no doubt.  All you have to do is show up and do the work.  You do that, and you can’t not see results.   

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you haven’t invested in Golf Body Blueprint, I think you’re gonna love it.  Heck, just the Daily Motion mobility routine is worth the price of admission.