Super-simple shoulder drill

Did you know Mike Trout – debatably the best baseball player of his generation – and Tiger Woods have announced that they are building a golf course in New Jersey? I guess that what a $427 million contract will buy these days.So, I went down the rabbit hole a bit about Mike Trout’s golfing prowess and no surprise he’s a pretty good part-time golfer with tons of power: 150+ mph club speed.And keeping within our theme this week, you always see batters on deck doing arm circles, which is also a fantastic drill for golfers’ mobility.Why arm circles?     1. Shoulder Mobility – Our shoulders play a huge role in our swing as they allow for the necessary rotation and extension required to generate power and maintain control. Arm circles gradually stretch and lengthen the muscles around your shoulder joint (rotator cuff muscles, deltoids, and trapezius). And that increase in your range of motion directly translates to a more fluid and powerful swing.
     2. Shoulder Stability – Golfers often experience shoulder issues because of the repetitive nature of the swing, and high forces placed on the joint. Again, arm circles not only protect shoulders by strengthening them, but also improves your swing consistency by maintaining proper joint alignment.
     3. Posture/Body Awareness – The controlled and deliberate movements of doing arm circles improve your posture and body awareness, which makes it easier to maintain proper form and alignment throughout your swing.BONUS: Enhanced body awareness means improved swing mechanics as you become more conscious of your body positioning, weight distribution, and muscle engagement. In other words, more consistent ball striking, increased power and better overall performance on the course.

Now, don’t be fooled at how easy arm circles are – I know we used to do them in gym class. The hits are hits for a reason…they work!Keep it simple.Your #1 Fan,
Jeff PelizzaroPS – If you haven’t joined us yet in the 18STRONG Membership, I highly recommend it. It’s the place where golfers go to get simple programs and advice that work.

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