The 5-Minute Warm-Up

Being part of our Crew, we’re both in this for the long-haul. 

But, what if you have a golf trip staring you in the face, or you didn’t get in the off-season work you planned? 

What can you do that will make an immediate impact on your next round? 

Obviously, there’s no time to enhance your skills. 

No time to get strong. 

No time to boost your mobility… 

BUT, there are some things we can control: 

  • Warm-Up 
  • Hydration 
  • Pre-shot routine 
  • Mental game 
  • Nutrition 

And those are the things that you can consistently control each round.  

The “big” stuff like improving strength, mobility, and skill are the marathon tasks.  

Again, we’re in this for the long haul, but doing the little things will instantly help your game. 

Today, let’s focus on the warm-up because that is what helps me the most.  

A good warm-up gets me firing from the first shot, which helps my mental game, confidence, pre-shot routine, etc. 

If I don’t have a ton of time when I get to the course (which seems to be the norm), I’ll do our “Tee Box Warm-Up” below.  

Do five reps of each of these if you only have 5 minutes: 

  1. Ankle circles 
  2. Calf-toe raises 
  3. Hip circles 
  4. Shoulder circles 
  5. Neck circles 
  6. Leg swings 
  7. Split stance rotation 
  8. Reverse toe touch  
  9. Golf stance rotation 
  10. Wrist-shoulder propellers 
  11. Driver stretch 

I know that may seem like a lot, but you can quickly get through while still getting good movements. 

Don’t forget to go both directions on exercises like the circles. 

If you need help with the movements, these are all in the 18STRONG Membership – Golfer’s Warm-Up.  

You can follow along with the videos the first few times, then you’ll have it. 



PS – If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you join us in the 18STRONG Membership where we’ll work together on both your long-term and short-term success.