The 40-Day FORGE (EFA):

If you have found yourself on this page, you have been invited to and accepted an invitation to The 40-Day FORGE.

I want to congratulate you because you are about to embark on a journey that could literally be life-changing if you let it.

As a golfer, you likely understand the concept of “FORGING.”

In relation to golf clubs, it’s the process of taking a solid piece of metal, sticking it in a blazing hot furnace, and banging it into shape (typically using an extremely high-powered mechanical press).

It is then ground and smoothed out to perfection, producing the most solid and consistently strong version to perform on the course.

Before golf clubs, FORGING was a craft performed by blacksmiths, often known for their production of weapons and tools such as knives and swords.

In a similar fashion, these craftsmen would heat the metal to a point where it could be shaped and molded, repeatedly beating the blazing red hot metal with a hammer until all of the edges became both sharp and smooth.

The process can look rather barbaric and brutal, but the results are often spectacular.

This is exactly what The 40-Day FORGE is designed to do for you. Sharpen your edges through a series of repetitive challenges that will ultimately make you stronger on and off the golf course.

(👇🏻 Want to listen to all the details? Listen to the 40-Day FORGE Podcast episode below.👇🏻)


Let’s face it. Golf is not a sport that REQUIRES you to be in peak physical condition.

It’s not a game where mental mistakes are going to create life or death consequences. It’s just a game. And it’s a game that can be played by just about anyone, in any shape, and at just about any age.

On one hand, that is amazing. It’s one of the reasons so many of us love it and makes it completely unique.

But on the other hand, this can also be a curse of the game.

When you’re able to “get by” out on the course by being in OK shape it can be very easy to get complacent with our fitness level and taking care of ourselves.

Knowing that “it’s just a game” gives us an excuse to be lazy with our focus and mental errors.

Let’s be honest. It’s easy to get soft.

It’s easy to simply accept the fact that as the years pass us by, our bodies just aren’t going to look and feel the way they did 5, 10, 20 years ago.

That’s just normal, right?

Or is that just what you’ve been telling yourself?

That is why you are here.

The FORGE is here to challenge that narrative you’ve been telling yourself, and prove to you that with some direction, serious commitment, and daily action, you don’t have to tell yourself the same old story.

Our bodies and our minds are amazing in ways that we can’t even comprehend.

And most of us are taking that for granted, repeating the mantras that “I don’t have time,” . . . “I don’t know what to do,” . . . or “I’ll start tomorrow.”

Well, this is your opportunity to prove to yourself that those things aren’t true.

You see, we don’t have an “I don’t know what to do” problem, we simply have an “I’m not doing anything” problem.

This is your chance to STOP SEARCHING AND START DOING!

Self-confidence is the process of keeping

commitments to yourself. Period.

Ed Mylett

The rules are very simple.

Complete the following seven Non-Negotiable Tasks EACH and EVERY DAY for 40 days straight.

If you do this, you will earn the title of being officially “FORGED.”

However, should you miss just one of the tasks, you may continue the journey, but unless you continue long enough to complete 40 days in a row, it will be considered a “DNF” (Did Not Finish).

Here are the daily tasks …


Each and every day, for the 40 consecutive days, you will complete each of the following*:


Drink 24 oz. of water as the 1st thing you consume for the day (preferably with a squeeze of real lemon).


Complete the 5-7 minute Daily Motion mobility routine (download here). Also known as the “EFD” routine, which stands for “Every F’ing Day!”


Perform at least 10min of MEDITATION, BREATHING EXERCISES, or INTENTIONAL QUIET TIME. This is a time to put down the devices unless specifically being used for the purpose of this task.


Take a 60-second (or longer) cold shower or cold plunge. It is recommended to take at the end of your regular shower in the morning, but not required.


Perform at least 40 consecutive minutes of intentional physical activity (“IPA”) that is intended to challenge you. This is primarily referring to workouts, but can also include intentional practice sessions and/or playing golf.


Find a nutrition plan and stick to it! Be very clear on the “Do’s and Dont’s” of your plan (I suggest you write down the specifics before starting the program). NO CHEATING. This also includes NO ALCOHOL for the entirety of the program.


Perform 15 golf swings both Right and Left-handed without a golf ball.

*NOTE: Tasks are to be completed individually and can not overlap into each other. For example, your EFD and your 15 golf swings cannot be part of your Intentional Physical Activity.


Each of the tasks has been chosen for a multitude of reasons, and while you may see them primarily as physical tasks, I can assure you that it is the mental aspect of this endeavor that is the true challenge.

You will note that there are no specific instructions for your physical activities or even your nutrition. That is by design.

While we do have our own recommended ways of training and basic nutritional guidelines, we know that it is hardly ever the lack of information that is stopping us from reaching our physical goals, it is simply lacking the commitment to following a plan that holds the majority of people back.

That is why the FORGE is about completing the tasks. It’s about finding a plan and sticking to it. Period.

To be honest, we don’t care what your nutrition plan or workout plan looks like because a mediocre plan that is adhered to will produce an infinitely better result than a great plan that is not carried out.

With that being said, we trust that you will take this seriously and deep down already know some basic nutritional habits that you can eliminate immediately.

If you need help with workout plans, obviously, we can help in that department, but if you already have a workout program or a trainer that is right for you, then go for it. This journey is for any and all golfers, not just the ones that follow our training programs.

Regarding the different tasks . . . Each of them will pose a different challenge to different people.

Ones that you may find to be easy, will be very challenging to others, and ones that you find extremely challenging, may not be for someone else. This is where being a part of the community can be extremely valuable.

Sharing your successes and your challenges with the others going through the same journey can not only help you overcome your struggles but just may help someone else do the same.

When one of us wins, we all win.


Before beginning your journey, I suggest you do a few things:

  • Figure out why you are doing this. What do you hope to gain in these 40 days. Write them down and look at them on a regular basis.
  • Take picture of yourself before beginning. Preferably where you can see your body and will be able to notice physical changes as the days go by.
  • Write down what physical aches, pains, and/or issues you have been dealing with lately to be able to compare when you finish the 40 days.
  • Join the 18STRONG Facebook group and join in the conversation. Ask questions. Share your wins. Root each other on.
  • Enlist a friend to do this with you and engage with the group. When you know someone else is doing the same difficult tasks you are, motivation is no longer as much of a struggle.
  • Use the support materials below to help you. You will need and be thankful for the constant reminders and visual checklists.



In order to help you succeed on this journey, we have created a few resources that we encourage you to use:


This calendar has all of the tasks listed out each day for 40 days. We encourage you to print this out and cross off your tasks and days when they are officially completed. (You’ll find it incredibly gratifying when you see all 40 days crossed off at the end of this journey!)


The checklist is a simple way to quickly glance at the daily tasks to keep them front of mind. We suggest you print out several copies of this and place them where you will see them frequently throughout the day and before you go to bed. (I highly recommend laying one on your nightstand to look at before going to bed).


These phone wallpaper graphics are a way to keep the tasks front of mind throughout the day by having them right on your phone each and every time you pick it up.


We will be building out an FAQ section and some helpful resources in the future.

If you need any assistance in any of the categories (eg. meditation, nutrition, workout plans, etc) don’t hesitate to reach out in the group so we, or other members can offer some suggestions.