The “Material-Health Paradox” on consumer spending

If you’re in ‘Merica, then Happy Thanksgiving! If not, then Happy Thursday!

I’ve got a quick break between family events, so I’m going to do my favorite thing I do at 18STRONG, reach out to golfers like you – sometimes hard to believe I get paid to do this.

This morning, I ran our family’s annual Turkey Trot (been going for 50+ years) around Tower Grove Park here in St. Louis when I noticed all the Christmas decorations on the side of the park that butts up to the stores, restaurants, bars, etc.

As often happens on a solo run, I started thinking (uh oh:).

Have you ever noticed how quickly we open our wallets for the latest gadgets, gear, holiday sales, fancy meals, entertainment, etc., yet we hesitate to when it comes to investing in our health?

It took me years to come around and finally buy a $200 water filter for our kitchen.

But, dropped $500 on three rounds of golf a few weeks ago on our Nashville trip without thinking twice.


Here’s my theory: the benefits of a healthy lifestyle aren’t as immediate or tangible as the thrill of a new purchase.

And here’s the rub…those material things we can’t wait to fork over our money only bring us temporary joy.

About a mile later, I came up with a working name for the phenomenon, the “Material-Health Paradox.”

It’s still just a working title, so please don’t deduct style points.

So, as we’re expressing gratitude today for what we have, let’s also consider investing in our greatest asset – our health.

It doesn’t have to be financial. It can simply be time, energy, and effort.

And for golfers, our greatest asset is our body. It’s the only piece of “equipment” we use on every single shot – no exceptions.

Alright, I’m off to the in-laws for meal #2.

Jeff Pelizzaro

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