💪 Big bad carbs

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning. And we’re getting ready for our 10:05a soccer game with the kiddos (gotta be there 40 minutes early to properly warm-up), but I ran across something I wanted to quickly share with you. 

So, earlier in the week, someone sent me a link to a Wikipedia page with a list of common misconceptions – and there are a ton of them. 

Things like gum doesn’t really stay in your system for 7 years. 

Twinkies don’t really last forever. 

The human population is actually decreasing. 

Etc., etc., etc. 

If you’re in the can and start going down that rabbit hole, I promise your legs will fall asleep by the time you get halfway through:) 

All week, we’ve been talking about nutrition. And the biggest misconception that I hear more than any other – in the gym and out in the world is… 


They are not.  

Ever since the Atkins Diet got so popular, carbs have been completely vilified.  

Yeah, you can lose weight quickly if you completely cut out carbs. No kidding. If you completely remove any huge portion of your diet, you’re going to lose weight. 

Don’t be scared of carbs.  

In fact, our bodies’ preferred fuel is carbohydrates.  

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Now, if you’ll excuse me. The sidelines are calling me to mold young soccer players. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro