💪 Dangerous minds 

Greetings from a cool Friday evening in Atlanta. 

So, here’s one for you: 

Growing up, we had a TGI Fridays across the parking lot from the movie theater where I’ve seen 99% of movies in my life. 

For years, I never knew what TGI meant. As kids, we came up with some crazy things we thought it stood for – most of them unfunny, except in the “brain” of 12-yr-old boys. 

I can’t remember who finally told me, “Hey goofball, it’s Thank God It’s Fridays.”  

And the lesson I take many years later driving past the TGIF billboard here in Atlanta is this… 

Overthinking is dangerous. 

Here’s why: 

Thinking about doing something tricks your brain into feeling like you’re making progress. 

(Even though nothing tangible is getting done.) 

One of the hardest parts of improving – whether it be in the gym or on the course is finding the balance between thinking and taking action. 

For BIG, irreversible decisions: Take your time and do your research. 

Minor, reversible decisions: Act fast and adjust based on the results. 

(Most decisions fall into the second category.) 

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’ve got a rehearsal dinner to attend. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – You’re not going to believe this, but the 18STRONG Membership has taken all of the thinking out of getting stronger so you play your best golf. What luck!? 

Honestly, all you have to do is pick a program. And then follow it. We’ve done all of the overthinking for you over the last decade.