💪 So long to THESE injuries 

The Final Four is tonight. And I can’t stop thinking about Justin Moore’s injury. He’s Villanova’s stud guard who tore his Achilles last week in a win against Houston. 

When they showed the replay, you could clearly see his tendon snap like a rubber band. And bunch-up at his calf. Pretty nasty.  

We see injuries in all sports, but us lunatic golfers may have it the worst. 

I will argue with anybody that the golf swing is the most complex movement of any sport.  And because of that, there are an almost limitless number of ways to get injured (Yay for us).   

After we hit the range and then play our round, we’re putting our bodies through a very violent movement 100+ times. And THAT is a lot of stress on the body. 

Now, I don’t recommend it, but soccer players could theoretically focus on just their ankles, knees and maybe their hips. And stay relatively injury-free.   

Golfers on the other hand, need to protect our ankles, knees, hips, back, wrists, shoulders, neck – pretty much all our joints. 

Of course, there are muscle strains, but the joint injuries are the ones that keep guys off the course for entire seasons.   

Did you know that NBC has a PGA Tour injury report? 

Check this out: 


Do you see a pattern?  

24 golfers and NOT ONE muscle injury. But LOTS of joint injuries. 

So, what should we do to avoid injuries? 


Our muscles keep our joints safe.  And, as the list above proves to us, our joints have the highest probability of being injured. 

You’ve got this. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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