Are you a “Stiff Biff”

It’s a chilly, drizzly Thursday morning here in St. Louis – one of those days when it feels like your bones are creaking and cracking like a horror movie closet door. 

Which, by the way, is how MOST fit guys feel swinging a club. Yup. Even the guys who look like they stepped off the cover of Men’s Health

We talked about it on Tuesday…You’ve got the guys who look like they’re fit. Until they pop off their shirt at the pool. And it’s muffin-top city. Those guys are “skinny fat”. 

So, I asked our Crew what we call the guys who are fit. But move like s***? 

We had a bunch of good ones: 

Buffy Needs Lube  

Rod Bod Sans Coil Oil  

All Show But No Go 

No Flows 

And the winner so far from Brian W… 


Here’s why Brian nailed it on the head for us.  

When I was envisioning guys who suffer from this stiff affliction (stiffliction?), my uncle came to mind. His initials are BF, so we affectionately refer to him as “Biff”. 

He’s been in really good shape since high school. Muscular dude. Low body fat %.   

But, when you see him on the dance floor at family weddings…stiff as a board. 

When you see him swing a club…stiff as a board. 

Guys like “Stiff Biff” know their way around the gym. And are excellent at building muscle. BUT they haven’t figured out how to make the work in the gym work for them on the golf course. 

In fact, when I put them through my initial assessment, they are shocked and pi$$ed at how poorly their Range of Motion is. 

They assume because they are fit that they are mobile. Wrong. 

And if you’re one of those guys, there are a few things you can do. Here’s where I would start… 

…Grease your joints. And you do this by moving your shoulders, neck, ankles, hips, etc.  

In other words…MOVE. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a few notes to prepare for this afternoon’s Live Q&A session

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – The Daily Motion EFD mobility program already on your 18STRONG App calendar walks you through the exact 7-ish minute routine our best golfers do every day. 

If you could only do ONE thing to improve your game, that’s what I would do.