💪 The legal way to compound your results  

Good morning my fellow is-30-too-cold-to-golf? crazy person. 

Yesterday, we had a great Crew & A coaching call (recording coming soon) mostly about staying on track. 

And during the call, we laughed about all of the ridiculous commercials, ads, and general BS we’re beat over the head about the “secret” to weight loss, muscle gain, longer drives, and god knows what else. 

The secret is there is no secret. 

Just like that savings bond your uncle gave you in kindergarten…if you want compounding returns with your fitness, health, golf, etc. – then focus on the ONE thing that matters most… 


Stop d***ing around with that bright, shiny object you can’t stop thinking about. 

Humans are wired to seek novelty. 

New = exciting = dopamine hit. 

It’s our job to resist that natural impulse – especially when it doesn’t serve the larger goal…feel and play your best. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a bunch of golfers’ lives to change before I head out this afternoon to the State Soccer Sem-Finals to watch a family friend shut down the high-powered offense of St. Dominic’s.    

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you’re ready for the cure to “shiny object syndrome”, a great place to start today is joining the 18STRONG Membership

It’s very freeing because the very next thing you get to do is unsubscribe from all other fitness emails. And just focus on doing the work…consistently.