💪 What are you great at?

Good Friday Morning and happy Round 2 of Arnie’s Tourney. 

Let’s jump right in today with a little ego stroke for all of us. 

We all have that one thing (certainly more!) we are great at.  

  • Lag putting 
  • Hitting a 3-pointer 
  • Fixing cars 
  • Home DIY projects  
  • Chipping from the rough 

It’s true, you might have some natural talent for those things. But the reason you got “great” at them wasn’t because of the talent. 

It was because you gave them your attention and energy.  

You also probably had some guidance (whether you know it or not!). 

It could have been learning from a high school coach, watching a video on YouTube, taking a class online, learning from a friend, and the list goes on.  

Another key to becoming “great”? 


Maybe it was a practice schedule, a worksheet, a made-up game. Even if was in your head … you had some kind of structure to follow.  

And of course, last but not least…you took ACTION. 

Well, that same formula works for success at practically everything. 

Attention + Support + Proven Plan + Action = RESULTS 

This especially includes your fitness and golf goals! 

When you give your healthy goals attention, have support, and follow a proven plan… the results will naturally follow. 

You just have to hang in there until you start to reap the benefits – which doesn’t take as long as you might think. 

Take a quick inventory of your own goals right now.  

If you’re not on track… which part of the formula is missing?  

If you need some guidance, we can help. This is what we do.  

The proven plan is easy. There’s a plan for just about every golfer in the 18STRONG App. 

The other stuff is where we all need some help. 

Again, we’ve got you covered. Not only do we have our weekly LIVE Training Call every Thursday, but you can message our team directly in the 18STRONG App when you get stuck. 

Just like the Liverpool supporters sing at every home game at Anfield, “You’ll never walk alone.” (I get goosebumps every time) 

You’ve got this, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – Keep an eye on your fellow Crew member, Hayden Buckley today at Bay Hill. Our boy is only 3 off the lead and is -2 with zero bogeys so far today (he’s on 11 right now).