💪 “Wild Horse” recovery method 

Happy Friday from a sunny day in beautiful St. Louis, MO.  

We had a great MGF (Mandatory Golf Friday) this morning starting at 6:21a, got some work done in the gym, and now I’m talking with you. Life is good. 

I’m just feeling great today. My body feels loose and strong. My mind is clear. I’m extra smiley…It’s just one of those days when it seems like the sun is shining brighter than usual (like wearing BluBlockers:). 

The reason I’m having another day like today is because my recovery has been really great all week. And when you’re firing on all cylinders, you get into an endless cycle of awesomeness: 

good workout -> good recovery -> good workout-> good recovery…  

They feed upon each other. 

And recovery is one of those things that we tend to overlook. It’s pretty passive, so we don’t think it’s important – which is a huge mistake. 

So, what can you do to put yourself in my current state of euphoria? 

First, and I could write ten years of emails about just this, is Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Study after study shows us that we require proper sleep for optimal mental and physical performance. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to recover without adequate sleep. 

In fact, I read a quote from a well-known neuroscientist, Dr. Mathhew Walker: 

“Sleep is probably the greatest legal performance-enhancing drug that few are abusing enough.” 

When we’re sleeping, our bodies release hormones that are vital to recovery…one of which is human growth hormone (HGH). HGH surges every two hours during prolonged sleep, which helps to promote recovery, healing, and muscle growth. 

You want proof? 

Roger Federer has said that he sleeps an average of 12 hours per night! 

Somewhere along the line, we got it in our macho heads that sleep = laziness/weakness. It’s become a badge of honor to say that you only sleep a couple of hours b/c your brain is going a million miles an hour.  

Yeah, that’s great that your brain is firing, but it takes a real man to get it under control. It’s kinda like a cowboy breaking a wild horse. (I guarantee you just thought about Yellowstone

So, what I have found is that exercising every day affects my sleep more than anything. If my day gets away from me and I’m not able to at least walk, my Whoop let’s me know that something is off.  

Look at me today…I’m off to a great start to the weekend. And that’s why. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – I understand you can’t always make it to the gym. So, I don’t want to gloss over how effective a 30-45 minute walk can be to help you sleep at night. 

On the 3-5 days you do make it to the gym, I promise the training programs in the 18STRONG Membership will help put you to sleep, and keep you asleep so you can recover and dream about your next, all-expenses-paid trip to Augusta:)