💪Fat Dose of Reality

I had a chilly, but refreshing walk with my wife and pooch this morning as we were discussing Friday’s NYE festivities at our house. What a day for football! 

My wife is so lucky that I use her as an unpaid sounding board for a lot of the ridiculous ideas and thoughts that run through my tiny brain. Today, she got an earful about what I’ve been harping on for the past week… 

…BS fad diets that DO NOT work. 

The reality is, I’m not going to get through to most of our guys. They’re going to keep repeating the cycle of starting and stopping because they’ve got the motivation, willpower, and discipline to make it work this time. 

If the past two years has taught us anything, it’s that “they” like to ignore statistics and facts when making extremely important decisions. 

Those in power know that facts don’t sway people – emotions and beliefs do. 

Our Crew is smarter than that. And I’m gonna prove it. 

I’ve cited some crazy numbers and statistics over the years, but there’s really only one number we need to know: 


Don’t believe me? U.S. News first broke the story in 2014, and it’s actually gotten worse.  

Look, I know we all think we’re special, and that we’re part of the 5%. Spoiler Alert: most of us aren’t. And I’m no different. 

I’ve tried and failed to find a diet that I can use to quickly lose fat AND keep it off. I’ll even extend an olive branch to the diet industry and concede that every one of their new miracle diets works…but only short-term. 

Right now, you’ve got two choices: 

  1. Do what you’ve done in the past and get on a diet. The first week in January will be great. You’ll lose weight, and feel good about yourself. By the end of January, you’re going to be miserable because you are restricting yourself of so much of what you love. 
  1. Finally quit the diet BS, and start changing your eating habits – your relationship with food. And do it gradually.  

If you’re a #1, then I wish you all the best, and hope that you are a 5-percenter. 

If you’re a #2, then our 18STRONG Diet Stack will guide you through the process. And it’s free! 

The way I look at it is who cares if you lose 5lbs in January if nothing has changed in the spring?  

Looking good on the golf course ain’t getting any easier.  

You’ve got this. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – Is there any more sinking feeling than going to Golf Galaxy, trying on a shirt you like, only to put it back because you don’t have the body to pull it off? And don’t even get me started with jeans. 

Well, this is the formula that has helped our guys never worry about looking good in whatever they pull out of their closet.  

Lest I forget: losing fat is a 2-pronged attack – proper diet and exercise.  

The Diet Stack will give you the diet blueprint, so if you need some help with the exercise, then I would check out Micro Workouts-Total BodyOnly takes 20 minutes a day, and you can do the golf workouts anywhere.