$1M to get into shape?

This sounds bats*** crazy because you benefit more than anybody…by a HUGE margin. 

BUT, what would I have to pay you to transform your fitness/life in the next 8 weeks? 


Well, our local St. Louis buddies over at 1st Phorm are putting up $300,000 for the few peeps who can do it the best. 

Now that we’re into the spring, the golf season is upon us.  

Pool season is right around the corner. 

So, now is a great time to get your fitness into gear by the start of summer. 

You can register for the 1st Phorm 8-Week Spring Transformation when you sign up for their monthly app – it’s the app I use to track all of my nutrition. 

Now, the real value of the app is that I have a 1-on-1 advisor who answers all of my nutrition questions (Quentin is my guy). 

Usually, I pass that information on to our Crew, but you can go directly to the source. 

Okay, here are the details: 

  1. Click here to enter 
  2. Submit your Day 1 photos 
  3. Work with your advisor to set up your workout & nutrition plan – I hope you choose an 18STRONG workout program, but it’s more important that you pick one that works for you 
  4. Execute for the next 8 weeks 

If accountability is where you struggle, you can also choose a partner to work with inside the app…again, only if you want to go that route. 

1st Phorm does this every quarter, and it’s pretty bada$$ how they do it. 

So, I highly recommend you check it out. 

Alright, I’ve got a client staring at me through the office window, so I’ve gotta run. 

You can check out the challenge here