333: Terry Koehler: “The Wedge Guy”

We are excited to bring you a legend in the world of Wedge-Making this week. Terry Koehler, Founder of Edison Wedges is known in the golf circles as “The Wedge Guy,” and rightfully so.

Terry has over 40 years in the golf industry with over 20 years of experience specifically designing and making wedges with his own hands.

Prior to founding Edison Golf, he was the CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company where he brought that brand back to life over the last several years. He is also best known for SCOR™️ a boutique wedge brand he founded in 2011 which gained a bit of a cult following because it took an innovative approach to wedge design.

In today’s episode, Terry basically gives us a masterclass on how to properly use our wedges and why wedges have been underestimated when it comes to the recreational golfer. We talk about things like bounce, Terry’s patented Koehler Sole™️ (which utilizes a high and low bounce on the same club), the basic physics when it comes to our short game and using our wedges, what the forging process actually looks like when building a club, and what getting fitted for a wedge looks like.

Terry Koehler’s Background

  • Edison Golf was founded by Terry Koehler, better known as “The Wedge Guy” in golf circles. Koehler has spent 40 years in the golf industry and more than 30 years designing wedges. 
  • Prior to launching Edison Golf, Koehler was the CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, where he led the team that brought the vaunted brand back to the golf equipment industry. 
  • Koehler may be best known for SCOR®, a boutique wedge brand he founded in 2011 that generated a cult following for its innovative approach to wedge design. 
  • Koehler’s career also includes the founding of wedge brands Reid Lockhart® and EIDOLON®. 

Highlights from this Episode

  • Terry explains how design-wise wedges are the hardest clubs to hit and get very skilled with and how the Edison wedges re-defined and blazed the way for the term game-improvement wedge
  • The biggest mistakes we are making with our wedges like being too short and too high and why we tend to change all clubs out very frequently but hold onto wedges for a lot longer.
  • The difference a forged club has over a cheaper cast-mold club and how it affects our game
  • The patented sole of his wedge clubs and what differences you are going to see with Edison wedges vs. the wedges you have in your bag.
  • How he sees the future of golf and golf technology with the way PGA tour players are hitting the ball harder and farther and making some of these courses obsolete for tour play.

Parting Questions

Favorite Golf Movie?

Caddy Shack

What is your walk-up song to the first tee-box?

How you Like Me now?! By Toby Keith

Favorite Book?

Ben Hogan’s “The 5 Lessons in the Modern Fundamentals of Golf”

What’s your dream foursome?

My dad, my late brother, and Ben Hogan If we could fly you to any golf course, where would you want to play?


Best piece of golf advice?

There’s nothing wrong with your game that 5,000 practice balls won’t fix

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