Anti-exercise mandate from an IronMan

MGF (Mandatory Golf Friday) was this morning at Ruth Park here in St. Louis where we walk our usual 9-holes.  Here’s what I recently uncovered: As a municipal course, Ruth Park is a non-profit, which means there is ZERO sales tax! 

You wanna buy a $300 golf bag…no tax.   

$45 box of Pro V1…no tax (they can’t keep ‘em in stock).   

$5 Budweiser…no tax. 

Obviously, high rollers like us aren’t too concerned about the savings on a $15 round, but it’s nice to stick it to “the man” every once in a while. 

Well, this email got off on a tangent I wasn’t expecting. 

So, getting back on track, I learned a lifelong lesson from a buddy about 6 years ago that I flash back on every couple of days.   

If you’ve been following along, you may remember that we’re doing an 8-mile trail run in December.  You may also remember that I do not like running, nor am I good at it. 

The only reason I ever jogged was so that I would be in shape for soccer.  It was never enjoyable. 

Until a few years ago when I called my buddy for advice about running a marathon.  Through high school and college, he was never in crazy shape,  but when I spoke to him, he was training for his third IronMan. 

I was just starting to train and it was miserable when he asked me, “When you run, are you going at a fast pace where you are out of breath the entire time and your legs start burning before too long?” 

Of course.  That’s running, right? 

He told me all I needed to do was slow down.  I thought he was crazy because it’s a race.   

But he was right.  When I slowed down (even to a walk), I could more easily grind out the miles than burning myself out up front.  In fact, my times got better and better. 

More importantly, it started to become almost enjoyable. 

The point is this: don’t try to exercise or work out in a way that you hate.  You can’t stick to it.   

I used to do those follow-along DVDs where you don’t stop for 40 mins.  I didn’t like it, so I quit.  

I figured out that I like to lift weights.  I like to walk.  I like HIIT training a day or two per week.  I like the movement days to get my body loose.  I stick to what is enjoyable.   

Figure out what you like, then you’ll stick to it forever. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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Activate is our beginner program designed to ease you back into working out so that you can start creating new, ENJOYABLE habits you’ll have forever. 

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