The Off-Season Workout Secret

As we kick off the first full week of October, I’m beginning to get more and more questions about off-season workouts.   

Because no matter what your health and fitness goals are right now…the truth is, we all want our workouts to help us play our best golf. 

And I’m guessing if you’re in the camp of wanting to start an off-season program, you may have fallen off track during the summer, and you’re ready to get back on track.   

Believe me, you’re not alone.  The summer has it’s own set of challenges.  I struggle with the amount golf outings, BBQs, day-long beers by the pool, and the other trappings of the great weather. 

So, what makes a great off-season program? What’s the BIG secret?  

Truth is, there is no difference.  The principles we use during the season to get stronger, more flexible and moving better don’t change. 

What does change is the amount of time you have to devote to it.   

So if you’re unsure where to start, here are two built-for-you options: 

  1. Golf Body Blueprint.  This is for the moderate to advanced fitness person who is no stranger to the gym, and has been regularly working out for the past few months. 
  1. Golf Body Blueprint – Activate.  This is the program we built for golfers who are just getting started, or haven’t been to the gym in the past 6 months. 

Both programs are going to map out your next 8-weeks.   

That is obviously a simplified explanation of the blueprints, but you get the idea. 

We tend to get stuck overplanning, and trying to make sure everything is perfect to get started.  Spoiler Alert: it will never be perfect. 

Nike has it right: Just Do It! 

Now, get out there, get stronger, get moving, and change your life, will ya? 

Your #1 Fan,  
Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – As always, make sure you’re having fun with your health and fitness.  Times are really, really heavy these days, so we need to find enjoyment and relaxation more now than ever. 

I listen to podcasts when I work out.  Our Co-Founder Ryan has been watching The League during his workouts.  Find what makes you happy, then you’ll stick with it forever.   

Let us know I you need any help or have questions with either Golf Body Blueprint OR Golf Body Blueprint – Activate.